My introduction

Hello everyone I wanted to introduce my self, my “name” is King Mori. Im from New York City, but am now livim in South Carolina. Im kinda new to magick and I barley have had any success, so im not such a good magician.



What types of magick have you practiced?

How long have you been on the path?

Welcome, Mori. I’m much of a newcomer here, myself. :slight_smile:

I’ll add to DarkestKnight’s questions- besides the types of Magick you’re experimented with already and for how long, what types of Magick are you interested in learning more about?

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Im so sorry, I now just seen your question.
However to answer it, im not really into magick as much as i was very much interested in it in my past, but I do find interest in chaos magick, goetic magick, ancestral magick, and wealth magick. I however have not had much success, and have mostly just been learning about them. Ive been on my path for about 8 months now.

Hello there. Ive been learning about a couple of different magickal systems, and had very little success with the magick i done. In the future id like to learn a bit more about baneful magick and probably divination.