My introduction

Good morning, my name’s Isabella, an adolescent, and I am fairly new, but I fell headfirst into this, and the power I have been feeling and sharing with the entities I’ve been receiving wisdom and guidance through. I felt as though it was hard for me to get through to them at first, I felt the power, but I didn’t feel the connection. But after my experience, while I was sitting in the back of my father’s van for around 7 hours, I’ve been able to call onto the two main entities I’ve been closest to. The first entity I put time aside for was Belial, though recently I feel like I’ve been more connected with Azazel. Anyway, back to my back-of-the-van experience. It was with Belial and these were the first ‘hallucinations’ he had ever shown me. I was put into this state with my eyes closed and rolled up into my head. Though, before this, I just saw sigils that when I’d open my eyes, they were engraved into my vision. I recognized them as the sigils of Lucifer, Azazel, and Belial. But there was one I couldn’t decipher. One I’d never seen, but if I had to describe it, it was a wide diamond, where the top points curled down into ram horns. I still haven’t been shown what it means, though.
Anyway, the visions. There was so much power surrounding me, I could feel tears streaming down my face and I started to tremble. I feel like I had to concentrate to keep my vision from going blurry from the movement. I saw a long wall, made of what seemed to be dark stone. I talked with Belial, and he let me through. As the next piece of scenery enveloped me I was trying to take notice of this new world and everything in it, two tall towers beside me, and in front of me is a long pathway. On the sides of the pathway there was skull-headed creatures. As I walked down the pathway trying to get into the opening to the next building in front of me, it kept stretching forward, so I stopped to ask for guidance from Belial. When I felt him with me, I could finally enter this building that looked like a dark stone temple. I walked through it for a while until a saw a chair that resembled a throne in a room that seemed fit for a king. All I could do was fall to my knees, and I felt more tears, and pressure from my nose. I pulled out of it, and I saw what seemed to be hundreds of entities surrounding me. I wipe my nose, and there’s blood. Ever since then, I’ve been really close to Azazel, and I’ve been able to burn a sigil into my eyes, to meditate on, and from a few seconds to a few minutes, I can feel their presence. My self-confidence increases and I feel unstoppable.
Anywho, I was told to make an intro, so I hope this is sufficient. Adios, friends.


Welcome to the forum :wave::slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you so much!


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