My Introduction

Hi, I’m Eleanor. I’m new to magick and i’m deeply interested in King Paimon and other entities revolving knowledge.


welcome brother

Welcome @justeleanor

Please tell us about yourself, as this post doesn’t quite meet the requirements for a proper introduction.

How old are you?

Do you have any experience in magick at all?

What areas of magick are you interested in?

What goals or struggles are you seeking magick to help with?

Welcome Eleanor. I highly recommend King Paimon. I’ve worked with him just a bit (and will continue to). He’s very wise and quite helpful to the development of magicians. He helped me with something very specific in my career and I’m very grateful to the guy.

My one tip is be respectful when you speak to him. He is a King with a great deal of influence and skills.

Good luck in our quest!


Thank you so much. Can you please tell me more about him and how to summon him and work with him?

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Use the search feature in the upper right. You can find a host of valuable information on just about anything Magick related.

Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about my specific experiences or check out my journal. I’ll be doing updates there too. :partying_face:

how do i pm you? i’m bad at this haha but yes, I’d love to learn about your personal experiences.

Welcome to the forum.
I Recently worked with king Paimon for the first time(like a week or 2) and everything is going uphill.
In Works of Darkness, E.A Koetting says you should sit in ur temple facing south with a black(to the left) and a red(to the right)candle. Then you should create a circle of bright blue energy and command all spirits that aren´t Paimon/related to paimon to fuck off(u can litteraly say whatever u want if it feels right).
Now you charge the sigil with energy. Then you gaze upon the sigil. At the same time, imagine the end result being frozen in time and feel the energy of King Paimon nearing your temple. When you are reaching an climax, state your command respectfully, eventually have a conversation with him(I had a little conversation in my mind with him about what he was gonna do and how he was gonna do it and if it feels authentic, then u know its ok). At the end state: “by all the powers of darkness, my will be done.” Blow out the candles and hide the sigil where nobody, even you will see. When you have achieved your result, you have to burn the sigil and throw the ashes into the wind.
Hope this helps.

Hi, thank you so much for the advice. I’m not really sure about the ingredients i’m supposed to have. And I’m unsure about how to make and use sigils…i’m sorry if i sound stupid, i’m new at this…

dont worry :slight_smile:
but I seriously recommend buying the Works of Darkness book from E.A Koetting



To the original poster welcome to the forum.

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