My Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Alex, and I’m prettty new here. I haven’t exactly succeeded in practicing much magick/magic. I live in Oahu, Hawaii, moves here in 2012. Before Hawai’i, I lived in Washington state, and before Washington, I lived in Montana, where I was born. I am 17 years old, turning 18 in September. I hope this is an okay introduction!


Welcome Alex! Feel free to check the BALG FAQ for any questions you may have, as well as read the forum rules.

Also, tell us a bit more about yourself. For example, do you have any experience with any areas of magic? And what areas of magic are you interested in? Any other info about you is also welcomed!


Well, I haven’t exactly tried much magic… I have attempted to do a few things, but I’m really an amateur at using it. Mainly, I thought that by using more magic or doing rituals to improve myself, I would boost the abilities I thought I already had. I didn’t get very many opportunities to do many rituals…

I have been told I am sensitive to things, clairvoyant, so forth… I came here looking for a way to communicate or talk with the angel of death, Azrael (I realize he does have their names in different areas of the world)…

I’m not quite used to discussing many of my experiences because I’m usually shy down by people or scolded. People didn’t usually listen to what I wanted to say or how I was feeling, and just wrote whatever I was thinking off as my imagination. So, I’m also hoping to be a bit less shy when it comes to talking about these types of things.

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Welcome alex.

Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome :slight_smile:

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