My introduction

Hi! I’m Jackson, I live in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, ID. I was raised Christian but have been Wiccan for about 5.5-6 years. I’m completely new to any of the stuff here. I’ve avoided ‘demons’ because of my fear instilled by my upbringing.

My experience with magic/magick is in energy working, crystal and candle magick, divination (tarrot, norse runes, crystal ball, tea readings, etc…), minor Astral projection, and other typical “white witch” stuff haha

I stumbled across the balg YouTube yesterday morning while doing research into Astaroth. My wife and I have been VERY drawn twords this entity for a while now and are unsure where/how to begin communication/interaction with Astaroth. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi, welcome! You will find lots of answers here and everyone is happy to help each other Here.
Check out the search section over here

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