My Introduction

Hi Everyone :wave:
I am Mirana

I have been practicing magic for over 11 years, infact, since when I was small. I come from magical family.

I am into most forms of magic as the job requires. I often times relate more with angels but have not preference to which spirit works for me.

I am currently trying to advance my divinatory skills as it was requested.

I am here to share my knowledge and learn.

PS: Thanks for taking out time to read this. :blush:


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

So are you more into Western occultism? What kind of magic do you practice most?


Welcome @Mirana

Where are you from?

So, what, exactly, do you practice?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

What are your areas of interest?


Hi @Mulberry, @DarkestKnight , I kind of like practice all in sort in accordance to the work that is to be done.

An example will be if I wanted an information from a person that has passed away for some time, I could call the person and ask about it. Some may say is Necromancy but I am sure necromancy is more than that…lol

I also have some knowledge on herbs and oils, talismans and amulets.

So, what I am practicing now, maybe all I have mentioned and also trying to get more advance on my divinatory skills.

I hope I did well in my explanation.

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