My Introduction

Hello everyone, I’ve been lurking on this website for a couple of weeks now and finally thought I’d join.

My interest in magick and occult goes way back, many years, but I don’t (can’t) practice it. I never could get things like meditation or astral projection quite right, because of my untreated ADHD my mind keeps wandering and prevents me from the focus and concentration needed to achieve it.

I first became interested in the occult as a kid, I used to watch a cartoon called Teen Titans, one of the charatcers Raven is an occultist and a half-demon and does meditation and stuff. Even though I already knew that cartoons aren’t real, it still inspired me to try meditiation in the hopes I could get powers :joy: Then a few years later in middle school and highschool there were things I really wanted so I got into Law of Attraction (it was really popular here, I don’t know why) and through that I developed my interest in sigil magick, real-wishes, manifestation, and so on.

None of it really worked, I never could relax my mind enough to achieve sigil working or to get to the “paralysis” stage of astral projection and manifestation. Even when using methods in Gordon Winterfield books for evocation or the Liber Null for manifestation, because I have ADHD. So I stopped trying for a while but now the occult calls me and I think I will try to learn again now that I am in my 20s.

Welcome to the forum.

Well, I’m a bit ADHD as well, and it can be used in your favour, because ADHD also gives you the ability to hyperfocus, it’s not just being distracted all the time. So the trick in meditation, is to leverage that, use meditations that are interesting and detailed enough to keep you interested, and do something repetitive with your body to keep it out of the way. I have some of my best energy working mediations on a treadmill. So, zazen is out, energy working where you objectively move your energy around is in.

It’s not so much about relaxing, so if that word is putting you off, don’t use it: it’s more about getting your brainwaves into a certain frequency, (the theta gamma state) and you do it every time you fall asleep. It’s easier to do it the other was around… plan to practice techniques on waking up. Put your alarm on 2 hours early, intend to practice when it goes off. This is what Michael Raduga, lucid dreaming researcher (see him on yt) called “indirectly” entering the “phase”.

The Buddha praised green tea for it’s stimulant properties, which helped him stay awake while meditating: you can be too relaxed :slight_smile:

Welcome @Starbright

Where are you from?

How long did you practice?