My Introduction


I’m a 40 year old male from the UK.

My magick practice is only a couple of months old having gotten into a course offered by Damian Echols. I’ve managed to keep on top of a daily practice using LBRP LIRP and the Middle Pillar. I noticed that I’m carrying less stress and fear than before - although it’s very early days!

I came across this website and discovered the petition spell, and as I have a few decades old issues that I have tried to overcome by exhausting all avenues with no success, I decided to give it a go. I did a banishing then wrote a petition to Dantalion and although it’s only been three weeks, my troublesome thoughts have almost completely disappeared. As a consequence, I find myself stuck between pervasive mainstream thinking that magick belongs with Harry Potter to slapping and reminding myself that a few weeks ago I was given solid proof that it works. I’m actually elated just in case that doesn’t come across. I also wrote a few thank you letters to Dantalion and delivered them the same way as I did the original petition.

In my life I’ve had a couple of moments of intuition that something wasn’t right, or was given the information I needed in a dream. I think these have always fed my curiosity but I always struggled to get into practicing. I’m the kind of person who definitely benefits from a teacher which is why the course from Damian was so helpful.

In terms of progress, I guess I just need to continue building a solid foundation. I’m finding that visualization is coming along nicely; however, meditation is something I don’t get much time for so I am attempting to combine them. I’ve started trying to do the rituals in my head either with eyes open or closed. Any thoughts on that would be welcomed.

What I hope to achieve is the following:

Health: reduce weight and quit junk food — I’ve been reading an interesting journal regarding this on BALG.
Find my true purpose: I can’t explain it very well, but the spiritual has been poking me from time to time in life as if to keep reminding me that other realms do exist beyond the physical. You could say I’m late picking up the signal!

Thanks for reading.