My Introduction

Hello my name is Michael, and I am relatively new to magick and to forums, so I hope this is done properly! I have been drawn to witchcraft since Maybe seven sitting on grass in backyard watching the moon rise on a hot summer night; I would spend time looking at the occult section in the grade school library in hopes of finding some ancient bit of knowledge among the largely sanitized books! I grew up in a Christian house as probably many of you, and it stifled my pathways towards learning magick; I wasn’t the rebel type; so now I am 49 and attempting to learn basics; I have purchased sufficient books on evocation, chakras and baneful magick; my chakras are messed up causing my sixth sense to be minimal at best; no sense of spirits or that alert response when I’m danger! My primary interest in magick is to gain knowledge about existence but also to learn about mythical creatures that may exist in the astral; I come with an open mind! Sorry no cool magick name!

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Ooh, mythical creatures is definitely going on my list to learn more of it! The little I do know has been fascinating!

Welcome! :smiley:

Welcome @Hekateman72

What areas of magick are you most interested in learning?

I am drawn to black magick with an emphasis on evocation! I have many questions; are Succubi real; good and evil and damnation? Is dark ascension different than light? Will opposing pantheons fight at some point? Jehova says no God except Him, so sounds like trouble at some point! Are magick items possible? I meant to evoke successfully Azazel, but my third eye and sacral chakras are not in balance!

Welcome. There’s a ton of information on this site. Use the search function and go to town. Lot of answers, ideas, and what has worked for others. Absorb and have fun.

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Welcome :blush:

Hello there Michael, and welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

Much for me to learn there is; I don’t understand this bifurcation of the species and coming war that Koetting speaks; along with learning proper evocation technique and meditation will be understanding the overall environment of black magick and mankind’s future; it’s alot!

Go through here. You need to learn to walk before you try and run.

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Welcome to the forum.