My introduction

Hello, to all members of become a living god, I’m happy to here, here is my introduction, I go by the name kalyn, I am an eclectic witch I’m also a luciferian. I’m not this skilled yet, but I love practicing and setting high goals, I created this account, to get helped by others, or help too if can. Thank you


Welcome to the forum.

Is there anything in particular you’re looking to learn?

Anything you’re leery of?

Welcome @Kalyn4

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions of magick other than Luciferianism?

Hey buddy merry x mas umm this is Jizz I lost my old one but any who ??? The past two nights have been really odd last night the whole towns lights went off and flickered right and as soon as I looked outside my door there was a greenish yellow patch of sky? So then tonight I’m passenger driving in the car and I’m looking out the window there is the same exact color I seen last night and like I looked for the color naa lol it was a glare in the window I looked back out the window 5 mins later and it did it again. ??? Any of you guys know of anything? Velonos or miss pretty know of anyone with similar experiences. Like I would look it up but it’s hard to explain.for the glass lol. Ty very much hope all is well

Sorry for the late reply, I’m practicing for 1 year now, but studying for 2 years. I’m actually studying about many kinds of magic like candle magic and candle magic but not having much experience

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I would love to learn more about elemental magic, and also to improve my clairvoyance and Clair audience skills

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I’m from Europe

Hello there Kalyn, welcome to the forum. :wave:t5:

Blessings :blush: