My introduction

Hello, I’m Kate, I’m new here

I’m working with demons, I have experience of 4 years+ , I’ve mostly worked with Lord Lucifer, I’m a water witch, I study demonology and I love the whole demon thing , I still have some struggles with communication with them but sometimes it pretty easy.


Welcome. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the BALG forum.

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How would you define water witch? Haas me curious.

Hi Kate, welcome to the forum :wave:t5::blush:

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Welcome :blush:

Welcome! You were so close to not getting a warning for correction from DarkestKnight. That’s amazing. It’s actually unheard-of, and it’s almost a rite of passage to be corrected by him in some way when you’re making your introduction.

Still, he did have to ask you to make one, and while that is technically not him asking for more information, I feel it’s not in spirit of the challenge. You get a half point.

Good luck!