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hello this is sensitive man from india , i am hindu but i believe in angels and demons more than my hindu gods, i am very new to magic i just did 3 magic spells in february and than read book of gordon , demons of magick and decided to do 1st ritual , so far i have called asmoday, gaap, dantalion,leraje,sallos ,marchosias,andras,glasya labola,i did a lot of mistakes in my ritual, in my 1st and 2nd ritual i wrote three petition at the same time, than working with dantalion i forgot to have pen with me so i had to stand between ritual ,sometimes i forgot angel name, sometimes some dogs are barking in night outside my house so i lost all concentration,but 3 or 4 times i did ritual correctly however i did see very few results i dint write any time line for manifestation but i feel i should have , i am still waiting , as long as i have read generally 1 month time line is enough for a result if we are doing any feeling manipulation . my final goal is to get my ex back and all demons i gave different tasks of one final result, if anyone is gonna work with any of these demons currently and they could ask any update about my condition that will be very thankful
Sensitive man


thank u

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