My Introduction!

hello fellow witches, im a 18 year old guy who recently became interested in demon summoning and spells, i just recently did a post and i would be really grateful if you reply. Sorry for the title, its dumb but I bet there’s some superstitious kids around here. hehe

The reason I am here is because I want to find answers about the universe, to know why we are here, if magic really exists and if it is not some sort of self induced hypnosis as I suspect it is. I will strive day by day to reach my goal, if I do not find anything I will be really sad that there is no such thing as a spiritual world, maybe because I am afraid of my mortality and I feel the need for a life after death, I enjoy living who doesn’t right?, they tell me that death is necessary to appreciate our life, but I will not be able to appreciate something that will then disappear and I will forget it because I will be dead. It’s funny, that everyone acts carefree and that everything is normal, but no, we are all in a fucking sphere that rolls around a giant fireball next to other planets and everything is too big and small than it seems, everything is weird , we don’t know anything, and we will continue to act as if we knew everything, that’s why I don’t like to be around people, they are all fake, they all act to be something else they are not and act all happy and relaxed because they forget about all this, they all try to escape, but we all know we can’t escape, very funny.


Welcome to the forum.

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Lolz at the title…welcome and may your stay be positive and enlightening!


Compared to what, though? :wink:





Okay welcome.

Haha welcome!


I find that crazy is the norm for some people. I have seen people do things and make decisions that serve no logical purpose other than they are just insane and most people seem to be just fine with it for some reason. The fuckery I see almost everyday blows my mind.


Agreed :woman_facepalming:t3::speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head:

Hello Eva! I’ve seen you’re a very popular member of here, nice to see your reply :blush:

Elloooooo welcome.


Calling Lady Eva a “member” is close to blasphemy. :wink:


Oh G̶o̶d̶ Satan! My apologies, my goddess.

Going by the periodic hatemail and occasionally attempts at curses, so is calling me “popular”! :rofl:


Welcome to the forum. I love your title, as my grandmother who taught me a majority of what I know about folk magic used to pass chainmail like that to me all the time. Brought a good chuckle on my end, thank you



Touche my friend . Just finished reading “Lucifer & the hidden demons” very good read ! Check it out

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Welcome and well if you decide to speak with entities they can tell you what you want to know