My introduction- young and hopeful

I’m a 21 year old Male from the UK. I do not know much about “occultism”. I’ve become interested in researching this topic after feeling weird “energies” in my city called Milton Keynes.

After researching about my town and I have discovered that apparently it is built like a “sun temple”, we have a huge “leyline” in the central and busiest part of the city, we have the first ever Buddha Peace Pagoda built in the entire Western World, we have weird pyramids and owls and other “occult” symbols resurrected in random corners and parts of the city.

Currently I am at university and graduating this year hopefully with a Biochemistry degree but my main passion is Music Producing. I’ve been producing RnB and hip-hop beats for the last 2 years and believe Music has a much deeper meaning than we know and it’s vibrations can bring us all close together i.e. the LOVE frequency- 528hz.

I’ve picked up from the lyrics of my favourite artists and also beats made by my favourite producers; that they use or have used occult practices in their rise to fame- fame meaning getting there music “out there” btw.

My main goal is to learn how I can utilise the “energies” in my city and magick to master my craft (music production) and get my work out there to bigger artists. If anyone can give me guidance I would be very thankful


Hi. Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum. Greetings from South Yorkshire. :blush: I think you should working with Deities that specialise in music for example Apollo etc.

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Welcome !!! :fire::fire::fire: