My Introduction to this wonderful group of magicians!

I’ve been starting to practice my spirituality more and more these past few years. My whole childhood was something you couldn’t even imagine. I spent my life with my Methodist grandparents, no mom or dad, and I would hear voices and see shadows. He would say the worst things about me to me, and I would just sit in my closet and listen. Unable to tell anyone (I didnt wanna seem crazy) I started getting suicidal at the age of 6-8. I’ve tried multiple times, but somehow I just wake up the next day or the gun jams. Until then, I’ve realized I’m here, alive, for a purpose…but what?! I’ve done some rituals, pathworking, etc… Abaddon and Azazel have really been intriguing me recently. Could anyone share some advice on ways to increase my connection with their realm, and my magik practices?


Welcome to the forum.

Knowing what these are/were would be helpful. Otherwise, we have nothing to go on.

Have you developed your communication skills to speak with them?

I would also encourage you to look at the “beginner tutorials”, even if you aren’t a beginner. We’re all usually a beginner in something, though, and there is a variety of stuff in that thread.


Hi there, welcome to the forum :wave:t5::blush:

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Welcome to the BALG forum,

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

I have been practicing pathworking and basic magic for close to 7-+. I communicate with them telepathically (for the most part). Even socially I’ve realized I spend more time talking telepathically than I do physically. I have always had this “gift” of knowledge with the universe. I know things I’ve never researched, studied, practiced, etc… Round this time I realized the gods I called upon telepathically told me this knowledge and it only registered subconsciously. Until now! Presently, I am the strongest magician I have ever been. My craft and art is now without any doubt or denial. My brothers & sisters! This is OUR time!

Yeah… No.

Becareful about picking up the wand and dabbling you could get hurt badly. Those voices you heard I heard them too. They’re negative trickster spirits and they feed off you’re suffering. Ignore those voices they win if you harm or kill yourself.
I’d start by learning how to banish and I recommend the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. Use the search function on balg and search for banishings and spirit attachment cleanings. Good luck to you take care in the things you seek.