My Introduction to the forum

Hello to one and all. You can call me Infernum. I am new to this form as a member but i have been an avid reader for a while now.

My background in spirituality mainly consists of energy work and I have experience in Reiki. i was suffering financially. It had been like that for a long time. I decided to ask someone for help. Someone who’d come through. I was suggested of an amazing Demoness that goes by the name Bune. So I evoked her using methods on this form and other online articles. Also read the lesser key of Solomon to know who I’ll be dealing with.

I performed the evocation and i felt the energy change. The change in energy was so overwhelming all the pain that i had burried deep withing me came out in the form of tears. I wept and kept talking to the sigil. I charged the sigil with my tears. And i could sense the warmth.
I didn’t pen down a petition. I just asked her that I need money to put food on the table. In return i promised her to offer her oranges candles sandalwood incense and alcohol. When ever possible…

Since the first time I evoked her i am in a great place and getting better each day This is not appreciation post for Mighty Dutchess Bune. I cannot fathom my gratitude towords her in words.

Currently I am working with Duchess Bune and Dutchess Gremory.

P.s Dutchess Gremory can do wonders for your psychic senses and astral skills. I remember a time when it was impossible for me to Direct/Manifest my own energy but thanks to reiki i was well versed in understanding and directing our own energy. Hence can sense when the energy is different. But everything changed when I asked Dutchess Gremory for help. Post asking her i was able to understand and implement techniques to astral projection. And also it became easier to get into TGS.

This is it for now folks. I thank the creators of this Forum and everyone associated with it.


Welcome. I hope you enjoy your time on the forum and learn many new things.

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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

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No before seeking her help all I could sense was shift in energy when I evoked a spirit. But after asking her for help i could better remember i dreams and would get Lucid more often. I could finally understand and implement all the techniques out there and see results.

Before i would get twitchy or that unbearable need to scratch my nose right in the middle of meditation would set in but Now i can finally sense time flying by while I am meditating. Before i couldn’t meditate for more than 30 minutes now i can meditate for as long as I like without any physical discomfort.

Let me put it this way. Before i was a goalie who could not stop a single goal. Now with her help I can stop most of the balls coming my way certainly not all of em.

I would recommend working with her. She is an amazing spirit. Most of the ars goetia Demons are…

And yes she can help you get results in your astral skills and psychic abilities vis-a-vis help you communicate with spirits.

I hope this helps

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Welcome :blush: