My introduction and some of my thoughts and experiences


Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my self and i hope im doing it right,this is my first post.
So,my name is Theo (shorcut of my middle name) im male,27 and im from Southern Europe. I have read this forum a lot and i watch a lot of videos from sorcerers too.
As a practitioner i am a beginner,my first experiences was before 7-8 years (nothing special) and recently i did some sigil magick with some success and i tried with some planetary sigils too but none of them worked.Maybe its time for some more powerfull moves.
The reason that made me interested about magick when i was younger,was that i used to be hella good at this law of attraction thing before i even knew that this ‘‘thing’’ has a name.I could really attract so many things and situations,i was feeling like a superhuman with my mind being the only tool that i needed. You are the only ones that i can talk about it without being considered as crazy or something but im honest 100%. And i dont want to sound silly but i miss this ‘‘power’’ so much :stuck_out_tongue: I believe via magick and some of your advices i can find it again.Unfortunately back then some situations hit me hard and i completely lost every motivation that i had,therefore i completely lost this ‘‘power’’ too which requires motivation above all. Then i tried to come into magick,but it wasnt the right time so i left it all behind.
This forum helped me to find a part of myself again and im very excited and interested to talk with you guys about all these things. Greetings to everybody.


Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:


Welcome Theo! Happy Sunday! :sunny: