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Hello there fellow curious people of the internet, my name is Zealios (Tj) I did my letter of intent to Lilith about 3 hours ago and I had a presence feeling that someone was touching me but I couldn’t see anything I left the candle going for atleast an hour and I fell asleep as I feel someone there for me someone touching me. As I woke up I remember that feeling and as the night went on I heard noises throughout the night not often though, so I am going to try to sleep and see what happens. (:

And I don’t know if this is right but everything is done through sleep right? As I do not remember my dreams often.


Is the Letter of Intent your first ritual? Are you a beginner in magick?

Yes I am and yes it was I did the ritual exact step by steps in succupdias thread.

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Thank you for answering.

As for your question, no, initial contact can happen any time, not just in dreams. If you’re insensitive, you might not notice it at first though.

Ok so I can physically see them? And should I move towards the noises? You sir are being helpful right now.

No, you can’t physically see them. As a beginner, it is doubtful that your astral senses are developed enough to see a physical manifestation unless you’re naturally gifted. Succubi most often make contact through touch, and energy movement.

Ok so I should just give her time, I am certain I felt touches in my sleep.

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Yes. Be patient. In the beginning the touches may be very subtle and easy to miss. Just be open to them, and acknowledge them when they happen. Speak out loud and let her know her approach is welcome.

Thank you for your quick responses in the early morning as it is currently 6AM I heard noises that aren’t normally there so I’m sure she’s here.

You’re welcome. We have members from all over the world here so early morning for you could easily be late afternoon for others. There is usually someone around at most times.

I would believe that websites can have people from all over the places, but i thank you from the bottom of my heart since you’ve answered a lot of my questions as I still have more.

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Please avail yourself of the forum’s search function in the upper right. There are a lot of threads on succubi so you may find answers there.

Ok I’ll look into that thank you for your time

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No problem.

We’re all pretty friendly here and will only bite it asked nicely :slight_smile:

Hehe ok well I’ll see you around kind sir. :smile:

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