My intro still new to the forum

Hi I’m Mike, My location is the US, Indiana. A background of my start to magic. I’m a novice. I’ve been practicing magic technically since I was a little kid, 7 or 8 although nothing serious. Until now more recently for about 2 years. Which you could say is my more serious/actual start of magic. I met a couple of magicians at that age (7/8) because I use to hang around a metaphysical supply store. The shop lady taught me a few spells. I remember distinctally having a dream of Samael covered in black flames after visiting the shop a few times. After getting a bit older I stopped doing magic the people in that shop taught me and became more religious. Although it never felt like it was meant for me. At around 15 I became an agnostic atheist and slowly transitioned to magic and the left hand path. I’m 17 now going on 18.
My preferred magic is Black Magic and planatery magic and demon magic, as well as vampirism and the left hand path related systems like Luciferianism and Satanism, those included. I don’t mind angel magic or white magic though either. I’m definitely interested in everything somewhat. Although my preference is the left hand path.
*I’d like help in all areas related to the left hand path and preferred systems mentioned above. I’m open to learning anything left hand path related. As well as evocation, astral travel, and divination. I am able to evoke entities though. And I have successfully Astral traveled before although I’m still new to it. I’ve seen what many have described as the negative parasite entites.

  • I’m not much of a teacher. I’m way more a student and to be honest, I believe I’ll always prefered learning over teaching. Even when the time comes when I reach what people would call mastery, I still believe I will prefer learning. Although I am open to helping others with the knowledge I have obtained. That about sums up my intro.

Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum fellow Hoosier. What was the shop name?

Welcome :blush:

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