My intro and experience

Hi everyone, I’m 45 a single dad and live in the UK, throughout my life ive been attracted to magick and on my mothers side been told of stories about how family was witches and warlocks, my mother is a clairognizance and clairentience, there was a story of my uncle who could astro project as well but nothing ever taught to me so everything had to be self taught.
I’ve tried home magick like spells, candle magick but never took it any further like joining a coven, all ive tried seems to work most of the time so I know there is power inside me but need guidance as I want to harness it.
I don’t fear the demons and darkness that people get told are bad but feel if treated with respect that they will help.

So my journey has brought me hear and I look forward to where it takes me.


Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:

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