My interest is

Hi gang
My interest in the occult always has been
To learn Divination, ( not sure what’s its call) I want to learn where you can communicate with the spirit telepathically and tell the person you doing divination for what you are getting from the spirit…(I don’t know what spirit or method work like this ) but I am not looking into spirit possession or call a lwa into my head . I want to communicate more telepathetic by calling the spirit and ask them to tell me about the problem and the solution?

2nd is
I want to learn Wanga , word of wisdom, word of power, key passes , key words to make your Wanga work, I want to be simple magician but experience if this make sense lol.

I am not sure where to look what system to look into to learn both method

I want to have little to no magical use
Just with power words, and phrases I can word my divination and Wanga

Is there exist such system
Where a neophyte can learn.

I know someone that knows Wanga he is an older male , but I don’t think he can teach it or what to teach it
I know comes a time in every man path you got to follow your own journey. And learn

I’m open to hear some suggestions from all you brothers and sisters of The dark and Light Arts

Going by the first part of your post, you want to learn to read energies and predict the future? This is fairly easy to learn but takes a while to master. There’s plenty of threads discussing divination techniques, just use the search function.
Personally, I’ve never heard of “wanga”. Guessing it’s African in origin, so you could have a look through the voodoo section.


Do you have any specific Spirits you’re drawn too?
You mention Lwa so I’d second checking out the Voodoun section.

You could also look into Tarot, and Pendulums for divination and you can look up Evokation for Spirit communication.

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For anyone curious: ‘A wanga (sometimes spelled oanga or wanger) is a magical charm packet found in the folk magic practices of Haiti, and as such it is connected to the West African religion of Vodun, which in turn derives from the Fon people of what is now Benin.’


To be honest from personal experience not that I know off, I look into all things , since my background is of Haitian I think of voodoo. But I haven’t got into it much on a practical level.
I respect it all aspect of it

But I’ve always seems to gear toward kaballa
Angels magick might be because I came from a Christian background.

I own the book of psalm by Jean Kent
A few stuff by Damond Brand , Ben woodcraft etc works in those category
When you use less tools
Just having the right Sigil and word of powers
I like this style .

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Right I guess by the definition
But I’ve heard of non initiate , that can do spell binding
Work bidding
Magick works with Wanga without calling on a lwa into their head to do the work
Not sure if this make sense
I guess I don’t truely know what or how
But I am interested in learning how

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The spirits in Vodou are the ones how initiate not the people, i was never initiated but my Mgaick and workings with them work. Ive been practicing Regla de Ocha and Puerto Rican Vodou and im not initiated, it all about your relationship with the Ifa and Lwa.

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