My intentions

I am 18, I once practiced but then quit because of the stupidity and mediocrity of today witchcraft. It doesnt matter how deep you go, there still is full of cardboard magicians. So I decided to try again to get some answers regarding some problem of today’s witchcraft.

Welcome @Razvan

Practiced what, and for how long?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions?

Not really demonolatry, but more like working with them, I really got into it with a few demons, but then quit due to some doubts. I practiced starting with meditation and then I got into working with demons, but quit after a year.

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I find this self-contradictory. If you dislike the modern approach and find it shallow, you can’t have gone very deep into their magick… because it’s shallow, right?

All these people are doing is finding their own path, and sharing their experiences with others. If their way isn’t doing it for you, maybe don’t look to them to guide you at all - why not do the research into much older traditions and find your own way?

You wouldn’t be the only one that doesn’t read the works of modern mages, Josephine McCarthy is a famous example of a magician who doesn’t pay attention to modern occult trends and her magick has some very unique perspectives as a result. I think Marc Allen Smith is another. There’s benefits from not getting “polluted” if you will, with other people’s truths, as much as there is in hearing them.