My intentions with Hermeticism

So LHP practices seem to require skills that I have not yet mastered. This coupled with other fears. Modern day “Witchcraft” seems to be a contemporary blend. It seems that Hermeticism is the base of all modern day traditions, or at least contributor. My intent is to start with that very base. Eventually, I hope to develop the basic skills for LHP related works and deal with basic fears regarding the forces I’d be calling upon.

My belief system is still what it is, but I’m practicing the act of suspending it all and experimenting with ceremonial magick. This includes using the sacred names of “God”, who or what ever that is. Nothing I take in shall be considered fact until experienced. Then once experienced, it will still be subjective. As a proud and opinionated person, this practice if suspended disbelief and going with the flow will be new to me.


Good luck, Johnny.