My inner voice?

So today I asked myself if I should make a decision and I got a distinct “yes” so I made the decision in the manner I had asked it, without employing any rituals and I had success. Could this be an inner voice of sorts? It sounds like intuition but my understanding is that intuition is more of a feeling than a voice?


I’ve had this happen over the years with turning points. Most recently it has been happening more as i meditate on the blackened fire, depending on if im working withva certain div through kunda yoga the voice may be that of the divs.

Where as when meditating on the blackened fire there seems to be a fair chance its either my own higher spirit as that is what the fetish is the house for or possibly arhiman or the div i am trying to commune with through yoga.

Regardless so far the things im told and rituals ive received have shown to have a titanic amount of potential. Only roadblock for me at the moment is time, but that shouldnt be an issue to much longer.

I would say if you can extract usable knowledge that can be made into wisdom through use listen to the voice for a time. If it turns out to be a trickster spirt trying to mess with you banish it.

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I had another success. I asked myself if my mom would find a scorpion. Voice said yes. She did.

@Nagathex Ask the voice who he/she is.

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Yes I do this to. I think of it as my higher self I guess.

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I was just thinking that.

When I asked who it was this was the response: “you have many aspects and I am one you’re accessing at this moment”


@Nagathex Given your magickal background (correct me if I am wrong but you seem to be generally LHP) perhaps your inner demon?. I invoked that for the first time just right now. It was to say the least an interesting experience: screaming, thrashing, growling. Overall one of the more intense things I’ve ever done.

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I’ve been told by Lucifer that I have a fallen angel aspect

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@Nagathex That is very interesting. I’ve never heard of an “Inner Fallen Angel” before. Could you provide a bit more information?

It’s difficult to describe. I asked whether I had a an inner angel or an inner demon and I was told both, a fallen angel. However I think it’s just a reference to the HS or godform.


Ask Pinhead

Who or what is that.

Just as gods, goddesses, spirits ect have different energies,aspects and forms they can take, our own higher dimensional conscious has many aspects as well. While working in a specific current/s your tuning into aspect/s of self related to the current/s the deeper you connect.

For me at least this has been made very clear while working through BmoA. As the focus of my kunda yoga changes from div to div over time the shadow self that i formulate during ignition of the black sun shifts forms entirely sometimes multiple times while working with one div depending on what im working on.