My initiation to the priesthood and lords of the black sun

for quite some time now i had worked with the black sun azazel and amaymon indrodeced me to some other spirits and i got tablets and sigils for the black sun,sigil for the temple and sigil for the priesthood
i have worked with a priest,an very old priest and lord of the black sun,he told me that he will knowladge and he will initate me as a priest of the black sun,
i drawed the sigil of the temple
and i chanted the name of the priest
then i chanted

“priesthood and lords of the black sun,open your gates to your temple now”

i chanted and chanted
later i heard a voice saying
“see beyond the sigil”

i saw a temple with 2 robed guardians with 2 black or silver swords,i been greeted and asked tons of questions,then they asked about a password,i didnt know what they meant but i trusted my intuition and said a long incantacion
later i sacrifed my blood
and the massive obsidian steel gates opened
and i saw a hard to describe place lookinh more like this
but i was darked,robed figures where around and chanting
later we spoked but i dont remember anything,later i been enpowerd by these priests and lords,i seen myself wearing black robes and a massive black sun was hovering above me i saw a staff made of obsidian or black steel and purplelish heu light i heard “get your rod of the black sun”
later i seen a black tome with a dark shiny gem in the middle later i chanted “black sol,tenebra ra”
the room was black i was in abyss i saw the black sun blacker than black,i vibrated “ahriman”
as i got deeper and deeper i was bombarmend with energy when i reach beyong my limits i got back and a painful senstation was all of my body i let go of resitance and i saw my energy body morph into a priest of the black sun with a crown robe rod and a tome,i heard the voice to put the tome into my brain and put the rod into my ajna chakra and the rest i have been said to just relax and let them solidify without any resitance later i been brought back to the temple all lords where chanting around me i saw them become one smoke and swrill around my black sun chanting songs and i saw symbols spinning, then i heard lots of voices saying

“the priest the lord of the black steps his foot into earth,welcome to our temple (secret name)”

the ritual is ended,i been told to again relax and meditate on my being
so here my initiation to the priesthood and temple of the black sun.


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