My infernal 9th month new abilitie

Since for the past 9 months during the my own infernal operation i developed a abilitie to shut down website to curtain computer users, before i purchased Compendium of Belial without a master to prevent curtain people finding out i purchase sed grimoire, by using my abilities to communicating with computer systems to crash the network, as i have the ability a while ago dematerializing pc components, 1 dematerializing Quadro GV100s, RTX 6000, 8000 GPUs to enhancing my 3rd eye dragons eye, as i was watching Linus tech tips one of there YouTube video and all one there had bear witness where one of Guy with Linus Sabastien had 2 Quadro RTX 6000 just completely vanished into thin air no one could find them, 2 ability to dematerializing CPU 32 core CPU and also dematerializing i9 9900K CPUs to enhancing my mind, 3 dematerializing DDR4 4500 (16 GB) of DDR4 ram 1to help quicken up the speed of my thort process, last night after performing my infernal operation going completely overboard incorporated vamperism i dematerialized a military supercomputer at the pentagon, to render my brain to increasing my minds destructive and power compacity then i used my minds compacity to hack into Seti, to track down a advanced Alien race i did and i homed into there Star ship beyond half way across the known Universe and dematerializing all their on board computer systems and life support systems they all died aboard their Star ship as well as dematerializing their warp cores as well, after i was getting a voice mothership destresed call, and seeing inside my mind looking like heap of advanced computer style monitor gateways with like computer dementional Alien distortion, now it feels like i can launch a 100 mile wide asteroid at Earth at 22,000 mph. Im thinking about hitting that Alien race home work targeting their military supercomputer mainframe, create a dead Alien world devour all intergalatic supercomputer, then intergrade it to my mind then move on to the next Alien world.


Another thing i forgot to mention the size of that Mothership was a size of a battlestar and i notice the shear size of its primary weapons, it was literally built for interstellar war, before i dematerializing all technology upon that ship, forgetting to see if other massive interstellar warship was about, apparently there were, when all Alien crew died on that Battlestar, the other 2 started investigating what did i start.