My "Imaginary" Friend?

Hey. Im new at BALG. Now i wanna ask you guys about my friend inside my head or my “imaginary” friend. He called himself Deus and he always talked to me whenever i felt sad or lonely and sometimes he helped me making decisions. I dont know if he is an entity or just my inner voice but sometimes he helped me alot. The first time he appeared in my life is at that time when my friends betrayed me and i feel so lonely. So my point is can you guys tell who is he? And what kind of entity?

Not trying to step on lovely Mod toes, but I know it would be good of you to go post an introduction of yourself EmptyVessel, it is one of the rules of the forums.

Well Deus, or God (Deus = God) is most likely just your inner Jiminy Cricket talking to you. Let your conscious be your guide…

No seriously, I would say that you are communicating with a demon as most of us do hear them speaking to us inside of our heads but if its calling itself god then you may just be schizophrenic. Does the voice ever tell you to harm yourself or others? LOL joking.

I don’t know we need more information than just a voice that calls itself god, that could be anything.

Can some random strangers tell you all about the voice in your head - no.

Can we help you learn some magickal techniques to discover whether it’s a useful spiritual contact (including from an aspect of yourself, such as maybe your Higher Self or guardian angel) - maybe, depends on whether you want to learn techniques and do your own work, or be spoonfed answers (no offence, but some people do).

But, can we ever decide for you whether it’s a useful spiritual thing or a symptom of psychological pathology - nope, no-one here is able to diagnose anything medically.

And as Luna, says, please take a moment first to post an introduction here - it’s one of the Rules of this forum, many thanks!