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E.A what did you think of all those images got sent to you from me, don’t get me wrong they are all incredibly high power, those instructions on how to use them are correct to. When i was 17 i only used 1 back then that is all i had, and every time my mother use to hear it go off she use to come into my bedroom what was that loud noise, i hid it under the wardrobe, she ask why are you sitting in the dark, she would check under the wardrobe she would find it and say to me what is this, your trying to call Satan arnt you, im going to burn this now, i know if you have another one, because it will get incredibly loud, so every time i draw another one she would find it and keep on incinerate them on me and my contact with Hell will get less and less, and my fear was increasing, that type of magic starts to send out a signal and without warning something demon beyond goetic will visit me while i am asleep never when i am awake, i could not open my eyes to look at it, every one of those are new editions i have been constantly been using every day 30 minutes to a hour every day after 1 am in the morning, know i have no fear any more, now i am waiting to be visited by a unheard of type of demon from the deepest depth of Hell i just have to wait now for one available to come, i know when one is coming they come with noise. That is why i sent you the entire book hopefully can be made in a form of a grimoire, like the ones on the balg catalogue where Belial without a master is sold, they work with me energy from those inverted pentagrams with the cabal symbols and the one with the counter creation Divs has coursed so much strife with the criminal pests living around Edwardstown and they hate it they are nothing but a bunch of bullie drug addict thugs are going to get what is coming to them, if you decided to turn it into one of the worlds deadliest grimoire 100 pig skin Leather edition, 300 cloth edition, good Luck brother be careful keep well.:metal:

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@Bowling270 what is the point strting different threads on the forum trying to get in touch with EA about this book.
I understand that you want feedback but seriously If you have sent the book via email and its been forwarded to EA im sure he will get in touch if he is interested.
Then i dont know what EA’s life situation is line with product g books, videocourses, holding bootcamp perhaps lots of corespondense so it may take a while until your email is read.
Be patient ffs.(;


I was only giving a bit about my history about it thats all.:metal: