My "ideal" type of Magick

So because I’ve had some job leads recently, I am not as chronically depressed as I normally am. I dare say that I even have some hope that I will not be forced to eat a bullet in the next few years to end my misery. So that has allowed me to once again begin to think about doing magick again (I have mostly set it aside for a few months.

So right now the type of magick that I will fall back to is the Law of Attraction. I did have some small successes with it before I started to become so depressed. Many on here believe that the LoA is one of the stronger forms of magick even though it is considered low-level, “natural” magick.

But I would like to add to it a more systematic, formal approach. I would like to describe my “ideal” type of magick for you and see if there is anything that approaches that:

  1. I am not interested in Atheistic magick. 2) I am not interested in a magick where entities are viewed as nothing more than egregores. I am open to the idea that egregores exist, but that they are lesser in power than those entities that pre-exist humans and exist independent of them. I want a system that views entities as superior to humans in every way and that they are here to help us. I am open to the concept, though, that we can become gods in a similar way. 3) I want a system that recognizes that certain entities are inherently light and others are inherently dark. I want a system where the two “sides” may be at war with each other similar to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic concept. 4) I am not interested in accepting the Judeo-Christian-Islamic concept on most other things. 5) I don’t want a system that believes that humans can literally create their own “truth”. I want a system that is “true”, and that we simply discover it. Something like Palo Mayombe or Hatian Voodon come to my mind. The entities seem to be “present” regardless of whether or not we believe in them.

Any thoughts?

imo the distinction between “egrogores” and non egregores is useless in the long run, because to me everything including humans were created so everything is equally egregoric, but on the other side of that everything was already there on some level and the act of creation is just a controlled (or uncontrolled if your bad at it) way of bringing something already there into your observable world.

If you don’t like the type of observation you call creation, maybe try to evoke the intelligence of the source, or as I like to call it the multiversal intelligence, in terms of what your seeking, a power beyond that of humans, thats the closest you can get. Though from my pov everything in existence is just the multiversal intelligence pretending to be something it isn’t, so from the way I look at things you can never completely divorce yourself from that concept. Sort of like the story where sun wu kong leaps to the pillars of the universe to find himself on buddahs finger. But yeah I never made a sigil for the multiversal intelligence because I have no desire to rejoin “the source” as so many right hand pathers do, and I agree with the notion that you become closer to something the more you work with it. But if thats what you want to do I would adivse evoking an entity you know and see if it can show you a sigil for it.

Golden Dawn. It’s probably as close to your requirements as you can get. They’re about angels=good, demons=evil, spirits as entities, not egregores, etc. I don’t think the system you describes exists 100%, but Golden Dawn comes close. Why not create your own? Magick is facilitated by belief. It doesn’t matter if spirits are egregores or sentient beings. It only matters what you believe them to be. It works, either way. I’ve done a fair amount of Chaos magick. The majority of it worked. The common belief among Chaos magickians is that spirits are egregores, not separate from us. I don’t believe this, and Chaos magick still works for me. Ironically, Chaos magick is also founded on the belief that whatever you believe works, as long as you believe, or suspend disbelief, for the duration of your ritual. You can use Star Wars characters for angels, demons, Gods, and symbols from the movies as sigils, whatever. As long as you can draw a connection to what they are representing, and you believe or suspend disbelief, you’re golden.

The point is, it only matters what you believe. I commented on one of your other threads about you wanting Magick to prove itself to you, and this is it again. You’re looking for a system that meets rigid requirements. Academically it must conform to what you believe in order for it to work for you or be valid. The real truth is, the academic form is only there to teach you how to break rules, how to write your own rules. What you believe is the [i]only thing that matters. Take what you like and agree with from different systems. If you path work a system and disagree with something, insert your own belief. It won’t hurt a thing. It won’t make it more true, or less true. It won’t effect anything.

Magick just works. The rituals and systems are just window dressing.

If that is the case, then I think that I am better off treating magick as simply a “natural” part of being human and go with that. There is no way on earth that I could ever do what you are describing. I will accept it as a defect in me, but that is something I could never do in a million years regardless of how I tried. I am WAY too much of a modernist in that regard. But I think I could have success with magick if I view it as being part of our evolutionary biology or something like that.

That’s exactly what it is.

Jboy you should check Richard Dott’s book ‘‘light touch manifestations’’.
It’s not about magic systems etc,but it can make you understand your role and what’s blocking you from manifesting your desires.It explains with details what the law of attraction is,how it works,and what you have to do.

Finally a good book who can tell you what you do wrong and why things aren’t working.

Highly recomended

First of all, it’s your power as a magician that’s making things seem so bad. Everything requires your attention to exist, and the more attention you give something, the more related detail it creates. As you practice magic, your ability to channel attention increases, and that applies to anything you focus on. That shit doesn’t turn off!

As you become more powerful, you no longer have the option to indulge in self destructive focal points. Impeccability is NOT an option. You either learn that the hard way, or you give up magic as a result.

You want a good system, read Castaneda’s books, and take Impeccability to heart. The idea of Impeccability is intimately tied to that of Personal Power. If you want a system with truth, intend to see, as that’s the only absolute truth there is, and you can verify it yourself. There are entities which are covered with the generic label “inorganic beings”, but they way they’re described is symbiotic at best.

Then there’s the “flyers”, which are basically egregores gone wild, created by sorcerers of old to fight against the inorganic beings. People are afraid of a Terminator scenario when AI becomes self aware, but that scenario has already played it’s self out with with egregores instead of machines. They’ve been farming humanity just like in the the Matrix for a very long time. I know it sounds far fetched, but I’ve seen things…

Look into Castaneda, at least for the idea of impeccability, and it’s opposite, indulgence. The sooner you come to terms with that. the sooner you’ll be able to move on with your magic.