My humble introduction. (NEW @ BALG)

Hello fellow people. my name is John and I live in the UK.
My preferred magicks are angelic magic (worshipping Christianity God), and also magic from the 72 demons of Solomon. I do not worship demons, the results seem to be quicker for me when I prayed to the 9 demonic kings and a few more demons. I am reading the Clavicule of Solomon and I can only pray towards an angel who is in control that day. I do not know how planetary magicks work. I see seals of every planet in the Clavicule of Solomon. I have got no accessories for practicing any more magic, I just stare at an angel or demons sigil for 5 minutes and pray afterwards to them. There are many interesting things on how to invoke spirits but like I said, I don’t have yet the accessories to perform a conjuration, experiments and operations in the Clavicule of Solomon.

My main interest is performing magick and get real results, it doesn’t matter what type of magic II follow, I just want it to work in real life. I want to learn any type of magic by what fits best in that particular situation. I noticed praying to a demon gets me faster results but then I switched onto Angel magick because I got nervous that God might’ve not like it to pray to demons, but at least I do not worship demons. For example: King Solomon was a man of God and he worshipped him. but he was still in control of the 72 demons. So I wouldn’t call myself a bad person or a big sinner…

I have got a lot of things to learn, please give me advice and teachings on any subject of magic (be it wicca, demon magic, white magic, dark magic, enochian magic, moses magic, sigil magic, solomonian magic etc.) by what fits best to particular situations. For example you’re at the court, you don’t summon an angel but rather king Belial because he has got immediate power to get you out of trouble. I have noticed that praying and invoking angels and God takes a longer time to fulfill the magicians wishes.

Hope you all read this and help me out. And I look forward to your answers since I can’t wait to get an answer.

Kind regards,


Welcome to the forum.

How long have you practiced?

Welcome to the website.

thank you darkest knight, I practice on and off but started a year ago only with sigil magick, and over time my interest has grown and I want to learn any type of magic by what fits best in that particular situation.

Thank you very much sir.

Hmm i’d say Henry Archer’s The Magick of Angels and Demons could be a great book to start with, it combines the 72 Shem angels with the 72 Goetia spirits/demons so they work together, and the ritual only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any accessories. All the books from The Gallery of Magick are also great for results, they mostly cover Angelic magick but also have a book on Goetia by Gordon Winterfield called Demons of Magick you may also be interested in, definitely a must have in my opinion.

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