My house suck and i'm tired of it

See how winter is rolling around don’t think life could get worse but it just did the pipes in my house just freezed so there no fucking water on top that the heat is on full blast but insulation so bad in my house the temperature keep droping my mom isn’t handling it very well she in a lot of pain right now. The stupid land lord got out for my family for months there wait to kick us out just one slip up is all they need. I fucking hate this damn house its putting the whole famliy on edge. Does anyone know if there any to help with my situation?

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I do not know what country you are in,but is there a local Council who regulate Landlords? There needs to be heating by law and a tenancy agreement to prevent just being kicked out.

You could Contact Clauveck or Bune and do a ritual to bring extra money and better housing. Details of this in full are on here if you look around

You could also try a sweet jar on the Landlord to make him lighten up or a curse if you want to make him sorry and leave you alone… Angel Barakiel also can bring you comfort and a luck change.

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Without reference to ritual work - put foam insulation around your pipes and it will prevent them or at the very least help to stop them from freezing.


I live in Ohio in a poorly built house me and family are currently taking legal action as we speak feels like a up hill battle tho. Thanks for the help going to look into Clauvack for sure

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Thanks for the information.

In my opinion generally houses works a representative manner of the people that lives in them
you sure have to fix things in a material way, take legal actions etc.

but ask yourself are the emotions in the house (represented by the water element) frozen, and blocked?
is the spirituality (also water) not flowing in the house?
how much are you sharing of both (emotions and spirituality)

the heating system is off (related to fire) there is no passion or creative effort, are you lacking enthusiasm? are you just letting yourself go with the flow not doing anything to change things in your life?

if things are that way then it must be the right time to start sharing in an emotional and in a spiritual level, plus light up the fire, take actions, tangible actions, and start making some rituals (for this light up the fire, and also unblocks the waters)

ask for a spirit of home harmony and bliss to help you as a first step.


Are you renting? If so, the pipes are landlord responsibility. The insulation issue is also theirs. Were you given a checklist when you moved in? Landlords are required by law to do so and you are also entitled to the previous tenants check out.

You can legally put your rent in escrow until the issues are addressed and completed by your landlord. You’re going to want to retain an attorney and when you go to court you pay your rent to the court - the landlord does not receive it until the issues are fixed satisfactorily.

I’m the meantime, type up a letter informing your landlord that you have retained an attorney and will be putting your rent in escrow until the issues are resolved. This alone is usually enough to get things moving along.


Also you mentioned one slip up and they’re kicking you out. Have you received any violations in the past from them? A landlord has every right to terminate the lease but they need just cause. For example if you have had repeated noise violations or anything that’s not permitted in your lease, they could terminate or choose not to renew.

In your case though, even if you have had violations and are living in the conditions you describe, you can easily have a civil suit. Unfortunately the landlord may win as there are many loopholes in this sort of thing but you may be entitled to back rent as well as destroying their reputation.

PM me if you have questions , this is what I do :smiley:


Going hard in the paint damn


Documentation is key. What they describe is a health and safety violation on the landlords part. They need to respond in a timely manner otherwise it’s neglect. I’d bet there is a list of other things too the person is unaware of and I can direct him or her if they have questions. Also, the things they’ll want to do to keep themselves looking spotless. :heart:


My waters back on the homeowner sent his own personal handyman to fix the problem apparently the management company that were taking legal action against might be going out of business but that just what the handyman side I’m just glad I have water.

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