My godself change the sigil again

Good day guys… let me ask everybody here regarding about my sigil… well i make a sacrifice for my godself. I buy raw chicken since, he went in my dream and told me make an offer for chicken raw. And then i did that. Now it comes up in my mind to do or reform his sigil. Is there anyone can tell me what they feel or what kind of energy has my sigil now… thanks for those who will make a comment. I will take note all of your comments in my notebook. Thanks and good blessings to you all :heart:

This my godseld new sigil form:

something I’ve noticed, at least for me, is that I don’t actually know how to put feelings into words when they’re energetic. Like, if you ask me to see if someone was sick or healthy I could probably tell you, but if you ask me I was certain energy feels when it’s in a symbol on a phone I’m just like

“Sorta comforting? Solar plexus centric?”

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Its okay. Solar plexus? Well i gonna take note of this thankyouuu maxwell

If that were to send me any message, I would think the imposition of Will on reality

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Sure let me send a message to you