My God has given up on me

Good afternoon everybody. I’ve posted on here a few times since I joined around December and both posts were about love related questions. This is something entirely different and I’m hoping I will get some good, serious advice!

So I was born and raised a Christian and for the most part believed it all. Lately I’m not so sure. It’s said that God is closest to the broken hearted and down trodden but with everything that’s been going on in my life the past 1.5 years I just really feel like God had given up on me, that’s it’s all a big cosmic joke, or that worse yet, there was nothing there to begin with. So what do I do? Where do I start? How do I take control and not just be a punchline?

Sorry for the long walk of texts. I’m just looking for some answers or advice and where to go from here.


Ok first take a breath it’s never good to stress ok…second I know we have been all raised to believe God is good and demon are eviland God exist and love us and forgive us right…but ask your self if this is the case why do so many ppl suffer? Children women and man…babies? We are a human race a young race of ppl made by who and for what?
Have you ever asked any of those questions?
God isn’t who any one thinks he is he exist he loves humans yes but we suffer to learn is what the Bible said as with so called evil demons they help us through those struggles we have they don’t watch us…I know from experience…I don’t hate God but for him to give my daughter who was one cancer and ignore my pleas opened my eyes to something more then what I found…
Everything you know everything you were taught is wrong…God is no longer who he is said to be the best thing you can do is keep going in life call on an angel or a demon work with magic live successful and move forth with your head held high you aren’t alone I’m sure most of us felt abandoned by God that’s y we came here


Everything that has happened to you has brought you here. Is it the Creators purpose? Well we shall see… But just know that The Source Of All things in my opinion wants us humans to be independent.

So… Know that nothing is a coincidence, in fact there are no coincidences. Everything that has happened to you has lead you here.

Knowing demons, angels, spirits, deities are all within the program; ask any for help and make sure to search on the forum what you want to do so that you could see a better way of approaching the matter.

Remember this, you are your own messiah, you are the one to make the change you want, you are a god!

Good luck…


Find a new God/dess. One that feels like a good fit. Can be a “demon” “angel” “God/dess” “Devil”, whatever.

Call to your ancestors to help lead you to your spiritual home. When you find a path that calls to you so strongly that you feel it in the marrow of your bones, and you will, then you have found your way.

Practice self love and care. Sometimes we don’t click with the entities we wanted to or had been made to feel like we should commune with. That divine rejection can affect one’s self concept and make us doubt our worth just like when other humans do it. Take care of yourself and know that you have value. You are a beautiful manifestation life and should never let anyone, human or spirit, make you forget that.

Best Wishes,
:rose: Jezebelle :rose:




Wow I hadn’t even considered the rejection part making me doubt myself. I mean on a human level I definitely know that feeling but I’ve never thought about it from a divine perspective. Thank you for pointing that out.


You’re welcome.


Does anybody have any suggestions on a deity (demon, angel, god/dess) to maybe start working with? Anything I should know before jumping in?

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Change your perspective and you change the entire situation.

Is it possible that it’s not God that’s given up on you but that you have given up your faith in him?


I do suppose that is very possible. And for the most part I have given up my faith in him. The reason behind it is very simple though…like I said for the past year and half everything has played out like I’m the butt of some big joke. Nothing has gotten better, worse actually in some instances. And I suppose it’s not really faith if you only have it in the good times. But if the “big guy” isn’t going to help me and just let bad things after bad things happen with no reprieve then what’s the point? I mean at some point shouldn’t I be able to have something just because I want it? Idk maybe I’m just rambling and expecting too much


You need to study laws of Attraction. If something is going wrong then it’s to do with your energy. Like attracts like.
Be the energy that you want to attract. Think positive. Act positive. Be productive. Take a step. Do something that make you feel happy.


You are your own God.
God doesn’t help those who beg. He helps those who act.


Christianity, Jesus and the whole bit was invented by the Flavion dynasty. Checkout the Flavion Signature on YouTube. It is 100 percent proven there. So start communicating with the ancient ones, they are real and many do actually give a fuck.


Any suggestions on who to try and communicate with first? I’ve never done anything like this…I’m brand new haha

Like I said it would be nice to get something just bc I want it. But I’d love nothing more than to have a relationship with somebody who actually answers back. Maybe somebody that doesn’t say “hey you should believe these things bc you read them” instead of “hey I’ll show you what I can do and what I will do and we will work together” does that make sense?


Study mindfulness. And do lots of meditation.
Apart from that you can study some books relating to magick and seeing what works for you. I can’t really recommend any.
As for beginners, I would suggest Lucifer.

But if you want to work with Angels that’s good also.

Look into the pantheon that seems most interesting to you and start there. If you don’t feel a calling then move on to another one.

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i understand your case, my advice is to reflect and find you a new deity

You seem smart, try this book which covers the concept of “God” that many of us have: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).


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