My general routine for energy work

ok, I have decided to put myself out there a little bit, in hopes that someone can learn from this. Or that someone who is more advanced can teach people with similar problems how to hone in on the techniques for better magick work. I really do not intend for this to be a long blog. So I apologize before hand.

My intent: to astral project on command and learn how to set the dials for a charted pathworking system. Or build an astral vechicular transportation if you will.

I start out with a yoga routine. I memorized the positions in a book. Every exercise from start to finish is little over an hour. (dont ask what book, I memorized the positions and passed to book on)

I usually do about thirty minutes to an hour worth of these exercises daily. After a few asanas my inner chatter stops as the strain from my body keeps me focused on my breath. In some asanas it has become that please stop this isnt comfortable feeling, to ignoring that and eventually finding comfort in the position.

Once in done with yoga I find a comfortable asana to start energy work. Most of this is breathing exercises mixed with robert bruce techniques from Astral Dynamics. In the height of that, I do a tetrahedron exercise that has replaced the middle pillar ritual.

From there Im pretty tranced out, my thoughts do not chatter, I am aware. Trance states for me is pretty euphoric. I get that feeling like the onset of taking E or a drop of acid.

Then I try to get out! By any means necessary. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Here is where I do the rope trick, sense of falling, staring at mandalas,the usual. Since I have been on this forum, I started walking around my house while in trance. I enjoy the work very much, I just want to progress further. I have done this general outline almost everyday for a year. Something seems wrong, like Im not maximizing on the benefits of potential results.

At this point I can successfully open my temple and do whatever work I have laid out with decent success. Its not like where I want it. For instance my results seem to be kinda low grade.

In other words: I just want to know how to project out of my body on command, go where I want. And be able to physically manifest an entity everytime during solo work.

There are quite a lot of ideas that interest me that I may post as different topics once I can get a good foundation of results. For example time travel, how cool would it be to have the ability to teach yourself how to go see your favorite band that no longer tours? Or to be able to find an astral book that is so exotic from anything you have ever seen. I hear about people doing this, but I am pretty close to finding out for myself how close I can get

anyone have any experience in this that they would care to share? Techniques, examples, cool stories?

I’m not going to share something that you don’t know, but perhaps something you’ve overlooked: the boon of multiple attempts.

In Robert Bruce’s work, one thing he suggests is doing your practice in a high-backed chair. Just like nodding off in class, you are on the cusp of consciousness, falling in, rising up, over and over. Use each of these cycles as another attempt at projection, so you get many many attempts for each session of preliminary work. You fall into the sweet spot, attempt a projection, get jerked awake when your body slumps. Rinse, repeat.

The meta-benefit of this, is that you will learn the feeling of a successful attempt. This is to say, you will know what is going on in your body when you do it right, so you can hone down on that feeling to improve your success rate.

Something else that may be useful for you is to cultivate a relationship with an entity that has domain over something you wish to master. Continue to evoke that entity, ask that they teach you and visit you. The more you work with them, the stronger the connection will be. On a number of my evocations, I just have them ‘play’ with me - my mind and energy body goes through some bizarre exercises or motions, and I leave feeling changed.

my connection with entities are weak in solo workings. My results are the same. I am thinking about evocation the asking it to visit me in my dreams. To make sure I get a strong connection/communication. I usually work from the goetia, but most people who I ask tell me I am asking for madness. In group workings is the usual old fashioned way.

But I hear mixed reviews.

However, I am trying to solidify my solo workings. To cut out the middle man. I am serious with my progress.

This may sound pretty noob. But the old fashioned way is cool, but see an easier and effective way. Then I came across Evoking Eternity, my suspicions were right. Then I read about some of the techniques on this forum that would make some peeps skin crawl. Moving on

So, If I ask an entity to visit me in my dreams, outside of evocation. Will it be asking for madness? Or is this fear trying to get the best of me?

Part of me is saying with the go-with-you-know in formal evocation. The other part of me is saying stop being a pussy and evoke the thing in my dreams.

to make sure I get this right:

evoke entity issue request to visit me in dreams
then do NOT banish or licence to depart. Take the sigil and put in under my pillow and go to sleep.

Does this sound accurate?

[quote=“king, post:5, topic:578”]to make sure I get this right:

evoke entity issue request to visit me in dreams
then do NOT banish or licence to depart. Take the sigil and put in under my pillow and go to sleep.

Does this sound accurate?[/quote]

It is the consensus of many workers here that we do not banish unless necessary, but simply dismiss. And I believe you still want to dismiss the entity from the evocation, but give it license to visit you in dreaming and waking life if you so wish - this is the task it has been given, no need for it to linger in the temple.

You probably only want to do this with one or two entities at a time, tops. Too many of them working continuously in your life is indeed inviting madness. Once you find an exception to this rule, you will not need my advice.

Yes, you can also open their sigil to form a connection to them before meditation, astral work, or dreaming, and then keep it near you / on you. You can do this without evoking them formally, or you can do this with an entity you have tasked to teach you. As you mentioned, you could also do the evocation from within dreaming or the astral.

Since you now have Evoking Eternity, you might also consider Azazel as a go-to teacher demon. And of the elemental kings, Paralda the king of air has the mind/seership/psychic powers as his domain - he could also be very good to work with.

And I don’t claim to be an expert, merely sharing with you my analysis and knowledge. I would certainly invite others to comment as well.

yeah! Hey, thanks man. I appreciate it the advice. I will try it out and post results.

One other thing I meant to suggest was revisiting Robert Bruce. He released a new edition of Astral Dynamics that is definitely worth purchasing. With the experience you have now, there are likely new things that you missed when you studied it before, things that were beyond your abilities/understanding.

I obtained a copy close to a year ago. Not sure if it the old one or new one? A friend of mine let me borrow that 90 day book for a while and gave me some pdf of his complete works? I never read the complete works and the 90 day book seemed like a rehash of AD with a day plan. Which I made for myself on my first reading so I reall didnt bother. I found AD in hidden under the bookshelf in barnes and nobels. Seemed pretty cool how I found it, like it was hidden waiting to be uncovered. Bought it and it helped leaps and bounds.

while of the topic of energy work and evocation. I do have an experience to share.

This summer, a buddy of mine wanted to do an evocation from the goetia. He found his thrills in ghost hunting and wanted to try his hand in magick. This guy is a natural clairovoyant. He has been able to see spirits and shit since birth

We were working with Gusion (goetia). After a few times with some success we decided to close our working. On our closing ritual he wouldnt appear as easily as he usually did before. With my wand I pointed at the triangle and drew energy up from my feet through my wand. Like you would see in a movie, except without the flashing lights a movie props flying around. At first it seemed kinda childish, but my friend jumped and said “he is here.” my friend was not aware what I did and afterwards said the vision was clear as day.

When we closed the working down I burned the sigil in an ashtray on the front porch. A few nights later the ashtray disappeared! My roommates didnt have the slightest clue what happened. I thought it was one of them or some kid? But the cigarettes were still there and nothing else was gone. This was around june? July?

In august. I was mowing grass and kept running over something in the ditch and I had to grab a shovel and dig up my old ashtray. I guess It got where it wanted to go and came back.

After gusion I figured I was on to something with that energy surge or whatever and went back to solo work.

Yea, the new version of AD has different art and is quite a bit thinner. It was put out in 2011. If you like his work, it’s worthwhile to pick up, as it is significantly reworked from the original.

Pretty cool experience you shared. Definitely enough to get your interest back up, no? :slight_smile:

I will look around for it, however if I do buy it, it will be on the art alone. Unless he has new techniques that rivals the older version. Robert Bruce is one of the better comtempory writers that worth their salt. Like he intended to write a good book, instead of trying to cash in on the spiritual movement, like most Llewlyn authors

yeah, that experience allowed me wake up to the potential of evocation. I want to see how far I can push it.