My friends.....Thank you

A general thank you to my insistent friends who have chatted with me. You have given me pushes and clarity where it is otherwise not seen. If you have spoken with me and wish to give me thanks your welcome too. But this is my thread as saying thank you for your contributions. If you know my name well we have spoken quite often and you know me and I you. So thank you from the bottom of my black heart to yours may your magick be quick and efficient as mine has. But it is not by my advice or admonition alone but the spirits speak through myself and others strong like me.


I like helping the little people. Kidding. Actually I was around more and quite active when you first joined.

Just gotta say that I enjoy your posts and your attitude man.

Iā€™m sure you have helped people as much as they help you.


I know I thanked you earlier, but this is a public thank you for helping me :slight_smile:


Your welcome. Im glad that people enjoy my views