My friend's experience - "Don't give up"

My friend - let’s call him DA for now - shared me a wonderful experience that I felt like I should share for those who feel like they can’t do a thing:

7-8 months back, I opened up to DA about me being a Luciferian and about my magick related things. To my surprise, he also was a believer. He told me that he had stopped believing in heavenly forces since 5th grade, and became a huge follower of Lucifer. I was quite impressed. I shared him all knowledge I knew about magick, left-hand path, and recommended him this forum so that I could help him out. I learned he had started praying to Lucifer each night before sleeping.

A few weeks ago, he called me. He was like a zombie. In concern, I asked him what was wrong. He said that 3 days ago, he had this dream where he saw a goat and a black-cloaked figure. Then, he jumped into a huge orange dragon-like eye.

“I was scared shitless. I woke up drenched in sweat even when the A/C was on. I couldn’t sleep, I am scared to sleep even now. What shall I do…”

I couldn’t say much. I didn’t want to instruct him wrong. “Don’t be scared. He can be just testing you. Why don’t you take some help from the forum? You might get some answers.”

He agreed. We both talked for an hour more.

Today, I called him so that I could discuss with him a project I was working on. He said that he wanted to tell me something. I told him to do so. These are his exact words:

“I was alone in the house. Couldn’t sleep. Then an idea -an idea I am myself wondering where the heck came from- popped in my mind. I took out this old plastic swimming pool, filled it with water, and lay down completely in it. For some reason, I only wanted to stay in. Slowly, all sounds were far, I felt I was going more deep in the water, blackness surrounded me. I felt at peace. You know I love water (he is pisces). Then, I closed my eyes. I immediately opened them and saw I was standing. I was seeing my own body. I was so overwhelmed I started to cry. I got out and onto the terrace. I crouched and sobbed more. I thought I was dead. Then this man came from nowhere. He was wearing this fancy red coat, a black shirt, red pants, black shoes, a red cap. I craned my neck up, and my entire body shook in an unknown feeling. I dropped my focus on the ground. Somewhere in me, I knew I was not supposed to see his face. He then crouched and sat beside me, and gave me some choices. I cannot tell you much, but I chose that I wanted to see, feel and hear spirits. After that, we had a long talk. Felt like hours. In the middle of the convo, I realized I was in the water and jerked up. I was alive. But man, my eyes pained like someone had burned a hole in them. Inside me, I kinda knew he was around me ever since I was a kid, protecting me. The next day, my eyes were bloodshot. Went to doctor, he gave some drops. I continued the medication for like, 2 days, and stopped. I didn’t like it. (My name), you won’t believe I can feel and see blurry things around me! yesterday, I was with my dogs and something rubbed its head on my hand. I was not scared. Instead, I patted it. Turns out, it was a dog spirit living in my room. I can still feel him. Even more shocking, he told me I have 7 guardians! I cannot tell you the details about all the talks I had, or else you will never get to see your guardian. But man, this experience, its so…special.”

“I learned that, if you want to experience this, find your own way. Don’t rely too much on others. Each has a unique way to contact someone. Keep yourself up. Tell yourself you are far more superior and capable than you think you are. And believe. Trust me, the wait was worth it.”

I am soooo happy for him! Maybe this story will help you on your journey too. Don’t give up. Be patient. Your prayers will be answered. :smiley: