My friend wants to start summoning demons, but he is raised a christian, what demon should he begin to summon with?


What’s the update on your friend?


Completely right there is no better or truer saying than that.


Possibly, theres a technique I think would work for that but it would be easier with an opened third eye. Btw do tyou have messenger or something it’s rare to find another teen that’s into magic


he didn’t do it, at least. not that i’m aware of. :neutral_face:


Please my name is Abdul wahid am a newbie but i want to make a pact or summon a demon for money please help


Please stop replying to people and spell begging. It is against the rules of this forum.

This forum is full of information on how to summon demons. Use the search function in the upper right of the screen. It’s the little magnifying glass.


Hi I’m yaskm been doing magick for a while with many different types. I suggest going with Fur Fur for your first. Loves jokes. You have to have a sense of humor if your a stag that’s constantly shitting fire. Teaches weather control too. Always fun


Just for fun!


i know right! it’s ridiculous! :rofl::joy:


Your friend should study and gain knowledge of demons there are several books you can get that will explain the details of demons you can work with feel free to PM me for recommendations. Since your friend is a christian, he will struggle due to the programming of dogma.


I’m Christian & worked with 5 demons so far, the main thing is for him to be respectful and they will in turn show it back vassago is a good starter


Alternatively have him contact Orobas of the goetia. He’s about as faithfull as you get for a demon and he’s honest. Just tell your friend not to lie to him and all should go well.


Please help me as a newbie into magic… though I had some experience about five years ago practicing kaballah with spell casting skills and results until I lost my house and no privacy to practice my spiritual exercise anymore as I keep squatting with folks… please help me with the demon I can contact first as it’s my first time doing so… alternatively I’ll prefer a demon that can answer my materials needs real quick… and I’m prepared to remain loyal to the end with such demon… please don’t forget to include steps on how to call on such demon and things needed like offerings, incense,candle etc. Thanks in advance .


I suggest you work with deities that will help with your root chakra since you need a place of your own such as Brahma, Genesha,Gaia, Shango etc… focus on raising your vibration first do some techniques to reprogram your mind especially root chakra work meditate use red candles, work with crystals that resonate with the root chakra such as ruby, red jasper,hematite etc… As far as summoning demons you need to gain knowledge of thembefore working with them I dont think I’m allowed to give book lists on this forum you can pm me for that or email me . Hope this gives you clarity regarding your situation. best of luck


Thanks for your response… I tried to PM but couldn’t find the functionality on your profile or anywhere i can get to do it,… Well i really appreciate you and i wish to inform you that i can’t have access to materials like…Crystals,ruby,Red jasper hematite in my country of residence as there’s little or no presence of magic practitioner here,. Even i exhausted all my hopes when trying to buy GREEN CANDLE, as they seems not to have ever heard of such request before nor do they have provision for ORANGE candles,… In short they have limited and frequent magical materials in the shop… Red, blue, white,. (Black seems a taboo to have in stock). And they look suspicious of me,. I admit maybe i’m lucky i wasnt reported to the police for ever asking for such materials… It makes me sick of how to go about getting my materials., As i wish there could be Substitute of those materials to buy…

Hoping to hearing from you again,… Thanks.


Don’t pick a deity.

Let a deity pick your friend.


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Noted… That’s right so as to prevent spams and abuse of the system,. I totally agree to that,. Should there be need to establish contacts., Understanding from both parties is needed in reference to who can initiate PM first.


I think I would get them to start envoking angels instead. It is probably good practice in case you run into trouble with a demon and they can protect you if you do get into trouble, and this one enochian prayer I would sort of want a Christian to help and say that prayer cause I’d feel a bit icky I bet to say that.


Aren’t most of the grimoires written in a period when everybody was raised Christian?

I think the best advice you could give your friend is to join this forum so that when he wants to know something and, after research, he can not discover it on his own, he can ask it on his own. :face_with_monocle: