My friend wants to start summoning demons, but he is raised a christian, what demon should he begin to summon with?


What’s the update on your friend?


Completely right there is no better or truer saying than that.


Possibly, theres a technique I think would work for that but it would be easier with an opened third eye. Btw do tyou have messenger or something it’s rare to find another teen that’s into magic


he didn’t do it, at least. not that i’m aware of. :neutral_face:


Please my name is Abdul wahid am a newbie but i want to make a pact or summon a demon for money please help


Please stop replying to people and spell begging. It is against the rules of this forum.

This forum is full of information on how to summon demons. Use the search function in the upper right of the screen. It’s the little magnifying glass.


Hi I’m yaskm been doing magick for a while with many different types. I suggest going with Fur Fur for your first. Loves jokes. You have to have a sense of humor if your a stag that’s constantly shitting fire. Teaches weather control too. Always fun


Just for fun!


i know right! it’s ridiculous! :rofl::joy: