My friend wants to start summoning demons, but he is raised a christian, what demon should he begin to summon with?


Except he just came into this off Christianity which means suggesting Lucifer might be like telling him to set himself on fire and it would be easier to start him on something less “summon the Christian devil into your home”


Well if he summons Lucifer and gets to know him his view of Lucifer will change


Baby steps though. You don’t stick a fork into the light socket


Best spirits for beginner magicians are Lucifer,Qayin and Belial,but Lucifer in his world view is the Devil,Qayin in his worldview is the most evil man that ever existed and for him Belial is the First Devil,and best way to know the truth is to get to know them


How exactly is he going to know him when he’s completely untrained with 0 senses (so he can’t see or hear him) and with a recent breakdown…? I don’t even know why you’re suggesting anything for the boy, it’s literally just a phase…


Do not leave him alone call Lucifer with him, when I first started me my mentor and a RHP magician called him together (this was when i was sceptical and still partly Christian) I was scared half to death but I knew those two wouldn’t let anything happen to me.

As one of them was invoking him a Christian ran threw our circle and fucked everything up. I was told the day after Lucifer didn’t mind that it happened and basically called the guy an idiot.

But Lucifer is kind and understanding when his energy hits you as long as you have a somewhat rational mind you can’t help but enjoy his presence or well pass out his energy can do that

I rambled abit but I thought your friend would like it from the perspective of someone that was in his shoes once.


true…he wants to copy a friend and thats all he isn’t doing it for spiritual reasons
people usually copy other people’s religions and spiritual beliefs some people can never find their own path but go on paths other people have made which is very sad


Lucifer. I know it’s ironic.


I chose Lucifer after messing around the succubus circuit and Lilith. From Christianity I jumped into the pits and had some pretty awesome dreams and experiences. The dream of bursting into flames as the shuttle full of people was crashing into a molten rock planet was thriling. I recall the roof burning off the shuttle and everyone’s skin was burning and cracking. The display screen was saying WARNING IMMINENT COLLISION!

I unbuckled and was crawling up to the roof of the shuttle and started to crawl outside. The speed and super heated air was causing me to burn even faster. I fell up out of the shuttle was was burning to a solid cinder frozen like. Then the retro rockets blasted me to dust as the rocket crashed into magma world. The people were screaming. I was turned into a being of pure flame energy with sort of a humanoid shape. It felt thrilling and exhilarating and I could fly into the fiery stars and through molten world and that whole fiery “hell” plane. Then I woke up.

That was after a Lucifer dedication ritual and a denouncing the Christ and god of Judaism and Christianity.

I’ve gotten lazy in my spiritual practice and never asked much from Lucifer. I should be making deal and pacts and sealing myself into constant contracts but I haven’t. Laziness maybe. Perhaps I just see existence as meaningless and hope the spirits can show me why one should exist. If they don’t or won’t then I’m just going to persue spiritual and awareness soul annihilation via taunts to the OMNI and challenges. Eternity seems pointless.


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that’s exactly how i feel when i summoned azazel :joy:


I dunno. My mind and spirit is shifting towards conflict and confrontation. I begin to wonder if “respect” means something different to certain spirits.

Do they want this current line of pseudo-respect or do they want to be summoned, then challenged and smashed in the proverbial face? How draconian Klingon feral is the current?

Do they want bitches or beasts?

Honestly, I get to where I don’t give a shit what they want. I want the gates open and then charging with their armies. I seek conflict head on in my journey to annihilation. Nothing is sacred. We need a full blown chaos spirit death war no holds barred everyone against everyone but mostly taking down the top OMNI and drowning it in the well of void Midnight.


i guess i gotta pack my panties and prepare for war then ;-;


Lol, @Keighn, your posts lately keep giving me this earworm:

“When you’re on the edge and falling off, it’s all over for you.”

One of my faves, actually.


three day’s grace is my fav band :joy:


Something that scares the shit out of them OP! Because if they aren’t capable of looking the intelligence of all they’ve ever feared, or crazy enough to command these fears, they’ve got no place cracking the code of the universe! It’s weird and way scarier than anyone thinks their first lifetime trying, so this would tell ya whether or not they’ve done this sorta stuff before and if they can make something of it, rather than use it only as a shortcut to material gain. :slight_smile:


My suggestion is a transition to see if he’s ready for it. Have him buy the book by Baal Kadmon called : 72 demons of the name. It’s a cheap e/book.

Out if cuiriosity , what is leading him to want to contact demons. I’m a former Christian and it took me some time to get deprogrammed to feel comfortable with demons. Even now at times, I find out that I had a belief here and there still lingering which impacts my perception of the demon.

Remember , the demon reflects back to you what you perceive it to be. If he still believes demons are fallen angels trying to deceive him and damn his soul in hell, he will get exactly what he believes back at him. They will test him.

You don’t just decide to invoke demons to see if it works. These are ancient gods who are powerful. You don’t just mess with this stuff.

Feeling the presence of a demon the first few times can be scarey and uncomfortable , especially if he is a natural born medium or psychic.


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