My friend the Priest

OK, so here’s the deal. Despite the fact that I was a Wiccan (teen years), Buddhist, or even Luciferian at the time, I’ve always had at least one or two Christian friend, & at least one friend who was a Christian Minister of some sort. Currently I have five friends who identify as Christian, with one of them being an Episcopal Priest. While they knew me as a Buddhist, they don’t know I’m a Lusiferian… And I aim to keep it that way. As far as they know, I’m still Buddhist, & much of that is still very much apart of who I am & my daily practice & philosophies.

Now, with all of them, but most with my Priest friend, I talk of many personal things & they are very excepting of me & think very highly of me. Amongst the things we talk about is the Bible. I put on no airs in allowing them to believe that I believe, but they know my background as a Preachers kid & former Minister myself (though I still retain a Non-religious Ministers Licence which gives me all the immunities & privileges of a Minister).

I know quite a bit of scripture, Especially the parts that many people tend not to know, & have a habit of educating people about their own religious text. I still study the Bible, & read it quite often, & even though I don’t believe it & disagree with much of it (not all, as there are some common humanist teachings which are common to many world faiths & philosophies; many older than the Gospel accounts, such as those placed forward by Buddha).

I still study to keep myself well armed & familiar with text & teachings, well enough to pull references & spot genuine references of teachings & scriptures well within context… Often so I could easily make or see the case for both sides of a debate, if I feel or need to.

And, it’s entertaining to me to see people twist themselves in knots & perform all sorts of mental contortions & gymnastics to defend the clear faults in their doctrine, faith, reasoning, & God.

I do this not to convert, but to point out the flaws in their reasoning & morals, as well as lead them to see & cause noticeable dissidence between their personal morals & beliefs & those set forth by their doctrinal codes, books, & teachings. If they lose their faith, that’s not on me but squarely on their shoulders. My goals are simply to challenge bad & harmful philosophies, foundations, thoughts, morals, teachings, & belief systems. I couldn’t care if they were Christian or not.

In fact, there are a few people who give the argument that if they weren’t a Christian that they earnestly believe they would be raping, murdering, stealing, & all sort of horrific things, all their wicked hearts would desire…believing that without the Belief & faith in God, there would be nothing stopping them from doing these things. For these people, it is very telling if one of two character types:

A. They have serious doubts about their own moral & character strengths & goodness.


B: They secretly wish to do these things, but fear God & losing their shot at heaven that they don’t act upon them, or simply don’t do them where anyone has found out.

For person “A” I attempt to convince them of their own goodness. And, these sort are often easy to spot for they are often kinder than their religion.

For person “B” I don’t challenge their belief systems because apparently it’s the fragile pin that is keeping their Shit together. But, if they are concealing something, they often, soon tell me, because people (even complete strangers) often feel the need to confide in me with things they wouldn’t even tell their Priest. Often, they say it’s because they just sense that I wont judge them & keep things confidential. And, they are right, unless it would either be harmful to them, someone else, or would be making me party to some crime.

Yet, for people like my Priest friend, I’ll talk about Biblical principles that we both agree upon, & some we disagree on… each politely debating & presenting our side, with mutual respect.

He doesn’t try to convert me, I don’t try to convert or deconvert him. We spar, often with me winning & or causing him to do a fair amount of thinking & study (which he also spurs in me) only to have him come back, each time, a little more open, humble, excepting & supporting of others (such as LGBTQ+ or GRSN, or Government Party members). In other words, I have found that he has become far more modern in his thinking & values (or “worldly” as fundamentalist would say) sense meeting me. As have my other Christian friends.

Yet, I’ve had Muslim, Wicca, Druid, Buddhist, Atheist, None religious or even Non-spiritual, Taoist, Christian, Agnostic & other sort of friends & friendly acquaintances throughout most of my life whom I cherish & live dearly. Friends whom I have helped & who have helped me, become more compassionate, self-confident, loving, kind, knowledgeable, inclusive, tolerant, & better for knowing each other & having frank & Civil conversation.

Most of all, I love to find out what makes people tick.

The end


One of dearest friends is Catholic. Despite knowing the path I walk, she doesn’t ever try to force anything on me or vice versa. We have some amazing conversation. I have Christian friends, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu and Atheist that also I chat with, so I can really relate to your post.


Glad to meet a mother eclectic soul. Thank you for sharing & the like. Always glad when I can find people to relate with.


Then you’ll spend your whole life challenging all philosophies, foundations, thoughts, morals, teachings, & belief systems.

We created all that and we decide how to use them. Not the other way around. Since you’re from a Christian background I can’t help but remember St.Paul when he said, our war is not against flesh and blood, but spirit. It’s the hearts and minds of men that uses religious and spiritual verses to kill or heal.

Ever seen on TV a major city in a so-called civilized society in a situation that caused total absence of police force from the streets? 90% of people turn instantly to criminals. Regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs. Few minutes without law and order, and we’re back to stone age in human behavior.

The feeling of superiority because someone changed their faith or belief to a different path, looking at the rest of the world from above, like a mad scientist studying lower life forms, or a new born Messiah looking for people to save… would only cause that poor spirit to fall at the end, way below those that he or she thought need to be saved. All it takes is another swing of the pendulum of life to the opposite direction, at a moment of weakness or shift in perception.

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You are quite welcome. :slight_smile:

“For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

People use their beliefs to justify their already made up choices and express who they really are. Beliefs and religions do not create people, people create religions and beliefs. For a reason.

You’re starting your journey and already judged yourself that you reached the end of the road to enlightenment, ready to lead the ones in darkness into the light. Wait for the crimes you’ll commit in your new path. They don’t have to be of the same nature as your old ones, so you probably won’t recognize them as crimes until you move to a new path !

Just keep in mind the lesson Jesus learned on the cross : “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Then the ones he believed he came to save, saved his sorry ass.

I would say, challenge yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, weaknesses and strength. When you rise above your limitations, people will follow you without you saying a word. It’s dirt cheap to talk and argue and debate to death. Never changed anything. It only makes some people feel better about themselves and their own choices.

You can do whatever you want. Challenge whatever you feel the need to challenge.

Good luck :+1:


Thank. Funny, the Spirit I work I’ve had most interaction with, the majority of my life,… Not too long ago, told me that I would be a lot happier if I stopped debating all together.

And, the less I do it, & the less confrontational I become, the happier I find myself, all together.
So, I’ll take your & his advice to heart.

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Great example of don’t debating, or “correcting” but just changing people’s minds through just being:

Close friend of mine said, when I first met her, that she wouldn’t attend my wedding (come the day I do marry: hopefully to another transsexual/transgender mtf) that she wouldn’t attend my wedding or support my marriage, but would “love (me) & whomever you marry, all the same”.

Yet, when I asked her again, not too long ago, if she would not just attend, but also be one of my grooms men (possible best man), she said, “Yes. Absolutely” . I was prepared to “talk with her” but decided against it, & just had it impressed upon me to simply ask. So I did, & in the time she’s known me, her views have changed, without me directly or meaning to do this. ~funny.

Live by example, hu?

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Yes exactly ! That’s the most perfect example :+1:

I’m really happy for you !

This song I posted for you as we were talking… reminded me of what I wanted to say :grinning:

Thank you and hope you enjoy it :metal:

Wish you all the best in your journey

Buddhism and its many branches are all pretty contradictory to the Luciferian Practice.

How so my friend?

To quote Michael Kelly:

If we want to see a pure example of the Right-Hand Path, we must look to the gentler philosophy of Buddhism, which we of the Left reject because of its defeatist goals rather than its rabid guilt. Buddhism holds that sorrow is a bad thing and that sorrow is a result of desire: we desire that which we don’t / can’t have and this makes us miserable. Thus, the Buddhist seeks to eliminate desire and enter instead a state of inert bliss. The Left-Hand Path, however, holds that sorrow gives value and meaning to life and is a powerful galvanising force. If you feel sorrow, it signifies that something in your life was valuable and precious enough for you to feel its loss keenly; this is a positive thing. Life is an adventure, a Quest, a thing of Beauty. For us, Desire is our greatest strength.


Not all paths of Buddhism believe soul principles such as the tradition. Besides, one can pick & choose non-dogmatic selections tempered with the wounded psychic state (*not just talking supernatural but natural, it’s healthy to sooth & comfort oneself through recovery… Whatever the cause may be.

We are human, our systems are flawed, we can be wounded. It’s important to care for oneself. In a therapeutic manner, and the West has influenced all branches of Western Buddhism… As has Buddhism. But many Americans & those who have suffered much, find a different way.

Because they think differently

Buddhism is non-dogmatic. Work from where you are. Use what you want. You can supplement or leave off. How far & how much you use is up to you. No matter, where you’re at in your path, you could leave or take, do what you will. It’s up to you~ live with the effects of your life.

No matter what they may be.

Even with the aid of intervention in your favour, deal with prices payed for your fortune ~ Ill or will.

You can customize whatever you want to affirm & comfort … Or whatever your needs. It’s been debated by the current Dahlia Lama if American Buddhism is Buddhism, in the past. *But, I’m not Buddhist. *~ I used to be.

Anyway~ that’s all It’ll say for now. :wink:

The most difficult acceptance of what you are describing is that literally every Buddhist I know is actually invested into their Buddhist spiritual practice, from monastic to Roshi, which goes completely against what you just claimed is Buddhism. I am not saying you are wrong, but from its conceptual doctrine in the Pali scripts which I have read, to the latest Pure Land teaching, the people I have met along the way in passing have all been very rejecting of eclectic Buddhism which is what you describe. However, again, my experiences have always been with practitioners who were not lay persons. If what you say is the basic lay person, I am glad I did not strive for such direction.


I found the demons, dragons, asura’s etc far more interesting from buddhist writings. Weird though that they are woven into the fabric but no one would ever talk to me about them.

True, it’s mostly lay persons who hold the applications & methods, or approach that I described. Which is one reason I left… I like my emotions, it’s just that I like to temper myself & my personal psychology.

To each there own.

There are also atheists who are complete assholes because they think there is nothing beyond that could punish them, but secretly they are afraid of being wrong, thus showing religious behavior when they are in their most weak physical or mental states. I’ve found this more often than Christians fearing the Christian god.

I actually often follow Nichiren’s interpretation of Buddhism, in the aspect of the concept of enlightment understood as a daily process that doesn’t involve eliminating desire, as I found that it gets along quite well with Thelema and the Qabala in my daily life, and the mantra om nam myoho renge kyo has worked wonders on me.

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