My friend sees a shadow being

I’ve been ultimate best friends with this boy called Aaron. We’ve known each other for 7 years and for as long as he can remember a shadow like being follows him. It is pure black but also has a rib cage and is in the shape of a human ish. It has no legs more like a shadowy mess instead of legs. It sometimes has white or red eyes. Could someone tell me what this could’ve been?

Look up a banishing ritual.

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Ok but what is the thing he’s seeing?

What does it matter that much, what it could be?
If it’s not welcomed… banish.



The astral and other realms have more types of beings than the Earth has species, because these subtle realms hold creatures from many worlds and many dreams and imaginations. Some of them are parasitised thoughtforms, some are entities in thier own right, some are created by humans… some are humans.

On top of that, how your freind perceives this entity, will be directed by his subconscious, and might not have a lot to do with how the entity would look to other people.

So it’s not easy for random online people to guess. It’s got elements of a Shadow Person but sounds too tatty… it sounds like the a picture of one of the artworks for the Divs I saw in the book Black Magic of Ahriman… it sounds kinda like a human ghost but could be the parasitised shell of a ghost… It could be a higher being and a guide that he’s not contacted clearly enough to see past subconscious fears and he’s the one giving it a spooky appearance… and many other things besides.

It really needs him to decide if he wants to contact it and ask it what it is and what it wants.

Normally, this is advised against for people without protection and skill. It’s hard to get clear images and it’s very common for “lesser entities” - that is, beings that are lesser than human and not daemons or gods - to want to trick humans into letting them feed off them. They are called tricksters, impostors, parasites and hags. They can really harm you if you’re not careful.

That is why you get the advice to banish, no questions asked. Since it’s already got an established connection, I think it could be questioned first. Depends how curious you are.


Do the LBRP and pray to Archangels , tell him to do these things and read psalms

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Here’s a update. So I was curious about what it could be and I was telling him to say some demon names to see if it would react and then I told him to tell it Lucifuge Rofocale then it basically did nothing but it did just look over at him.

Shadow beings are pretty awesome. Shadow people are transparent in terms of their intentions as their eyes reflect it.

Red eyes are often aggressive but not malevolent.

Blue eyes are often benevolent.

White eyes are often curious and don’t mean harm.

But shadow people are basically dark energy elementals, they’re capable of mood changes and it shows in their eyes.

“Lesser” shadow people tend to be purely energy, but the “stronger” shadow people show physical traits.