My friend isn’t in hell

I refuse to believe that my beautiful friend Abi who took her life in 2016 is suffering in hell. She was a beautiful, gorgeous, sweet, kind woman who I loved dearly.

Who said she’s in hell?
Oh lemme guess…
Suicide=Refusing “God’s” gift to humanity(a.k.a life) = rotting in hell?


Why would you even think that? I’m not getting the point of your post?


Religious types tend to believe that suicide means going to hell. That’s probably why the OP believes that. However, the OP only made a statement not a question so…apparently he’s refusing to believe it. Good for him. Case closed?


You’re my new gf/bf :joy::joy::joy:


Well I’m glad one of us seems to know what they want in life.


Okay…You refuse to believe it… And… That’s it?

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“Suffering in hell”
She probably isn’t in hell.


She isn’t somewhere where she wants to be. The unfortunate part of all this is that suicide gets you nowhere you would want to be after death. It’s very detrimental to your soul. Suicide is the worst decision you could possibly make.

Your beautiful Abi, unfortunately isn’t in a good place.

Wish things were different. But it isn’t.


My condolences for your loss. Words cannot describe how losing a loved one to suicide feels.

But what are looking for when posting this? Just sharing feelings? Or is there something in particular you are looking for?


My dad speaks to me through this song. He killed himself on a new moon.
The kid with the makeup who is singing killed himself almost exactly the year before, like within the week.

Just because religious people say she’d go to hell doesn’t mean she’s actually there or that their concept of hell exists.

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I doubt suicide affects where you want to go unless you follow that faith as in following a religion is no different from following any other spiritual path that has higher powers. You give that higher power authority over your afterlife and given the infernal which I assume you mean is rules by Lucifer, she wouldn’t be there. Albeit she might enjoy it since it’s not a eternal damnation nonsense :man_shrugging:


Thanks so much for your kind words, honey. Somebody made a post recently saying if you die in s bad situation you go to a bad astral realm. It’s a stupid way of phrasing a post but I just wanted to get it off my chest.

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I have visited the realm of hell (aka the lake of fire) that Asmodeus the great Serpent guards, it is a never ending well of magickal energy a sorcerer can pull from to amplify his spell work and MOST DEFINITELY NOT a place to send a soul once they pass onto the next life.

It is a realm that certain sorcerers like myself wished to astral project to before we die to empower us even further in our endevours while we are still alive.



There is no volcano feeding off human souls.
Death is death. So what if it’s suicide/murder or plain old fancy natural death?

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Also we have not even gone into the fact that we are spirit beings and thus reincarnation is still a thing, suicide/murder/any other horrible way to die might place you at the back of the Que so to speak due to the time needed to heal a traumatized soul but they will be back eventually as a new being.

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I have the exact same opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah I have heard that one as well. Honestly, I have no idea myself. I have had family members who committed suicide and have met them again along with the rest of my ancestors. That is not to say there is not a regret that they cut their own lives short, that was very plain to see and I guess could be defined as a personal hell. But I do believe the dead can find peace as well, although it may take time. As far as the whole kill yourself and you’ll burn in Hell arguement, utter rubbish used to gather money from the fearful.

Given the astral is a mental plane there’s no good or bad to it but you basically manifest everything there along with every other living being that is capable of thoughts and projection there not just us.

I have read a lot of NDE stories about suicide. A friends grandson took his. He appeared to her and is fine. Sure she is in heaven having a great time. None in the NDE stories went to hell