My friend and I have been feeding our boyfriends menstrual blood

too savage

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Srsly? i thought this was disgusting nd messed up until i know what it was
sry for my bad english

@Anime_marshmello yes. seriously. I didn’t read the thread. I was just saying that’s the thought that came up base on just the title. I don’t judge how vampires get their blood. lol

If you want to know my opinion after reading it.
The thread is unclear if she feed the boyfriend the blood or if it was a ‘feed’ word metaphor of casting spells using blood.

IF she actually feed the boyfriend without consent, it kinda don’t feel right as it borders on act of poisoning someone which is different from death spells as it’s not doing something mundane. granted it’s not poison but it’s same concept. The same kind of concept that one put hidden medicine/drug on food for someone. IF it’s not consented it really do border on those concepts/idea.

Some may debate it’s ok cuz it’s not actual poison. but my opinion is it’s not ok cuz it’s bodily fluids which can come with all kinds of illness. For example: you all watch the show musical sweeney todd right? That actually happen for real in china. The bakery owner use human dead bodies they murder to make meat bun and sell it. you would not buy those food if you know it’s human meat. granted they got caught but the owners were thinking humans were just meat just like any other cow meat. The point is that it was kept a secret of their meat source. I’m not talking about the killing they did. obviously that’s not right. The point was they were using human meat in secrecy. This is a real example same concept of hidden secrecy of feeding someone something not the norm without consent. Would you eat those meat bun if you knew they were real humans? magick secrecy ok. “physical” consumption secrecy , not. The baker flourish too until caught. It’s not a judgement. It’s just being realistic. some things is just too much off the normal sane line. People do what they do. Not my business. This is just my logical realistic point of view. There are many other methods possibly better results method to get the one’s goal that don’t go pass the line.


lol I have seen men slaved with that method and men going crazy after the woman was done with them. Very powerful binding tool and hard to break.

Please be cautious those men wont leave you alone for the rest of their lives.


I’m pretty open minded, but sneaking anything into anyone’s food crosses a huge line for me.
Use the menstrual blood in rituals and paintings. Don’t put it in his food. Food is sacred, and there are herbs you can use instead. What you’re doing has a really sinister energy and it could backfire very badly.


I dont see anywhere in the OP where she asked whether or not people approved of what she was doing. In a black magic forum where taking control of situations through sometimes violent magical means, its interesting that this thread has gotten so many upset opinions.

OP i think its great your exploring this form of love magic. From my understanding (i havent read about this topic in a while and dont have any love ambitions right now), even fingernail filings are sufficient - the point being to get some of you in them, but i can see how menstrual blood would yave more oomph!

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Sounds efficient as it is. I am sure you could further empower it by creating a sigil to do so (possibly using a Venus Kamea) but it sounds like the intention and your essence is enough.

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…making it stronger might possibly make the poor unsuspecting fella obsessed with you. I’ve had my ex obsessed with me & it isn’t a walk in the park, it’s heartbreaking, scary & dangerous. I literally hate him now because of how he treats me because he can’t have me. I don’t want him. Period.

I didn’t feed him any of my blood either, but am just bound to him forever thru our child. The guy is obsessed & I’m on the verge of getting a restraining order if he doesn’t pipe down, shut the hell up & cool his damn jets.

But back to the topic at hand, since you’re looking for ways to make it stronger, ask a spirit to assist you in drawing your lover in closer to you.

Good luck and BE CAREFUL :bouquet:

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@violettedessorciers so your saying crime is ok if it’s magick involve? this borders on the drugging someone up kind of situation. It’s similar to using rape drugs in people’s drink. that’s why certain people draw a line somewhere.
We aren’t against the magician doing it. we just see that it’s going too far. There’s soo many magick ways that don’t go pass a certain line that gets results.

If you want a far more crazy example that magick don’t justify certain rituals you can look to mel gibson’s whistle blowing situation. He talk about the hollywood power rich elites (any entertainment industry and elite in any field is what he refers to) using magick by way of sacrificing babies, eating them and drinking baby’s blood. Do You think that’s ok in name of magick? I think not.

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That’s an absolutely false comparison drugs versus menstrual blood. I’m not discussing the criminality. If were going to use your comparison than it would be just as bad if i cooked someone who said they dont like onions a dish with onions in it and didnt tell them, even if they didnt notice and enjoyed the meal.

If the menstrual blood is cooked at a temperature that destroys bloodborne pathogens, then its just a taboo culinary ingredient. :ok_hand::wink: And if youre comparing this to drugging someone, it speaks to your inexperience on that topic.

Anyway, its in the rules.

And this is an outrageous leap . LMAO! Magic doesnt justify anything. Not moralizing someones choices with regard to their magic working is not the same as approving of it - i certainly wouldnt approve of this circumstance you mentioned, but its honestly ridiculous that this scenario was brought up in relation to this topic at all.

What do you think a lot of love magic is? How many people post on this forum for this or that demon to make someone they want want them back? Do you call that unhealthy behavior on those topics? Oh no dont use your menstrual blood - send demons at them instead!

I wouldnt like it. And id react in the situation if discovered accordingly. But i also understand that a lot of our taboos are culturally constructed. But it also has a history in coercive love magic. The fluids and their culturally created taboo aside, thats no different than employing demons, or in my case, if i were to employ my beloved plants, to manipulate someone.


You obviously didn’t get the message. Where did i say i disapprove of her magick . I say it goes past a certain line. I wouldn’t do it.
And yes, it’s comparable to drugging someone at the bar as it’s not consented. People do drug others at the bar all the time. It’s there choice. There’s no difference. Just different substance. Think about that for a moment. I also suggested that there are other rituals that is less intrusive to the target that can get good results too. People don’t always have to use the extreme type of magick.

It’s a different story when you use menstral blood as offering vs secretly forcing someone to take it into their bodies. That’s what is going beyond the line for most people.

I use the example of mel gibson because you seem to portray that any ritual is ok. That it justify the means. And it’s not outrageous with mel gibson’s example. That too is black magick to the extreme. It’s just different degrees. I’m not against that magick of using babies too. It’s just not right and cross a line. I wouldn’t do it.

Your mixing up the message that it goes past a certain line vs we are against it. I’m not against anyone doing any kind of magick so i’m not breaking any forum rules. I’m just stating it’s goes beyond many people’s threshold. And it’s not ok for many people. When you cross a certain line, you lost a certain part of yourself and may not return.

The choice of method ritual is as important as the magick. It shows the desperateness. If one is willing to go that far over relationship issues, there might be more of a different issue to it. Some thing don’t require magick to such extreme. One have also to weight type of ritual to the goal/purpose. you don’t over kill. YOu don’t use a flametorch if you can just cook a chicken with a small fire.

@Elmo, at the end of the day, it’s your choice what you do to keep your man & how you do it & I hope however you choose to keep him is one YOU can live with & stand by. What you do is your business, it ain’t affecting me & mine, so no judgement here :woman_shrugging:t5:

…but like I mentioned earlier, if you’re going to continue to do it, be careful because the guy could become obsessed & that’s a whole different playing ground right there…shit will get real & turn upside down real quick.

Good luck :bouquet:

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Okay, im not debating that. The OP did not ask about what anyone thought of her mindset. She presented magic she was performing, and then she said

If you dont have anything substantive to add, then I think you should keep what you think about someones “mindset” to yourself.

I would have loved to have had a woman who gave me her menses. I’d have ingested whilst warm and fresh. Just let me know and I’d have be there. The times I did consume were always warm and fresh, and the energy I had the next day was fantastic!

If I could only recommend one thing to young, heterosexual men it would be to consume fresh menses. But no one takes any heed of me.


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To the best of my understanding, contaminating food with a physical substance is felony assault in the USA and while this forum can discuss black magickal death curses, and love spells, physical violence is not permitted as a topic, and that includes inciting others to violence, or recommending it as a viable course of action in a similar situation.

In this case from 2019, people were charged with felony assailt for planning to feed semen and urine to teachers:

If the situation is consensual, that changes everything, however due to the potential legal fallout from a post recommending a felony, I have Unlisted and will now close this topic.