My former job screwed me over, and now I want to make it even

I started working for this company in 2017. When I was hired I was told I would make an extra dollar after 3 months of working there. Fast forward several months and no extra dollar. I brought it up to them and they said I would get it after I was “fully trained”. Ok so I asked when that would be and I was told by the supervisor she would make time to do so, she is the one that hired me and was in charge of training me. A year goes by and nothing, mind you I am the only on that works for the company that isn’t best friends with the owner, lets call him “Chip”, or related to the supervisor, nepotism. Im here two years now, I do the cleaning for the company because the only other person that works for me is too lazy to do so and I do not get paid extra either, I was raised to be proud of where I work and I deal with patients so to me I want them to have a good impression. They can’t even afford supplies for us so we are literally running out of essentials and the owner “Chip” could care less. During my time there they took away direct deposit, we now have to wait for our paper checks which is no big deal but it shows you how cheap these people are, no raises after almost 3 years. No bonuses, nothing. In my field, I’m making on the very low end of my career. I barely got any hours and I was the only one that could translate to Spanish speaking patients. The company had been trying to sell for years before I even started but I had no clue until I was already there. We did not get lunches, we were expected to leave so we wouldn’t even get a full days work and the other person I worked with would read instead of clean and the owner knew this and didn’t care, only because he knew I would do it. They even joked about me being the company’s cleaning service to my face! The supervisor has stake in this company so I figured out why she was so cheap too. She pushes the training until this year! It took almost 2 years for the “training” to happen. All because they knew after I was trained I would get my extra dollar. I eventually said enough is enough and confronted her about it and she caved saying she would train me in January of this year. Mind you, this company was falling apart, they had a few other locations and the receptionist to one of the locations told me all the shady things they were doing and how they were basically screwing the patients out of decent healthcare for their $$$. I can go into detail about what they did but basically its very illegal not to mention unethical and I wish they had been caught because people could literally lose their lives over this malpractice. January comes and goes, I don’t get fully trained until April!!! I asked her when I would see the extra dollar and she tells me the owner will decide, eventually they decide I would get my extra dollar on the paycheck of the last week of April, at the moment I didn’t realize why but later on If figured it out. I was fired on the last week of April, they claimed I stole company hours when they knew damn well I didn’t and they scheduled me for those hours so I stayed my hours and they bold faced LIED to my face. They let me go over a Fucking dollar that took them almost 3 years to give me. I had tears in my eyes in front of those 2 cockroaches, I have never been fired before specially over a lie, something I could not defend because they are an at will employer. I was so hurt, literally jobless and didn’t know what to do. Matter of fact they still haven’t paid me that last check!!! I have never felt so hurt, to know someone could be so disgusting and greedy not only with patients but with their own employees. I need to make this right. A new company has bought them and the supervisor is still working for them and the owner is still a part owner of the company. I still have the key that I will be returning to them soon but I want and NEED help. I need to make this right. If you could feel how I felt in front of those miserable excuses of human waste, how wrong they treated me all those years all over money. I want the supervisor to lose her job, just like I did. To get fired and to cry knowing there’s not a damn thing you can do and feeling the desperation I felt of being jobless and not being able to defend yourself. I want her to remember me, what she did to me. As for the owner, I want his business and his deals he has made to crumble, fall though, his money to all be lost. I want him to realize how he treated me and others that worked for him is not ok. I want him to picture my face as I cried and for him to realize he too now will not have any money coming in just like they left me. Sorry it is is so long but these people really hurt me in many ways over the years and I want them to pay for what they did. They are still there and act like they deserve what they have. Can someone suggest something or pm me? I was thinking of even cursing the key maybe. I really appreciate any and all input please and thank you. I just really need something to make them suffer just like I did. They are not good people and I have other examples of what they have done to others so I know its not just for me.


Honestly, I wouldnt bother. It’ll just come back to you 3 times worse. In my experiences of being fired or quitting due to extreme harrassment by bosses they either lose their positions. Or the whole business shuts down within the next two years because karma beat them. Plus you dont know their home life. What they did to you could have hit them with losing someone close to them. Or such stuff. House fires and the like.

Of course, take that with a grain of salt. I know many people dont believe in karma.

However if you do wanna do something a simple one is writing your wish within the center of a pentagram draw on paper, as you Invision the wish coming true. Then store it somewhere safe.

Or write your wish on a bay leaf with a fine tipped sharpie, and keep it in a jar.


Thank you, I do believe in Karma but I believe it to those that deserve it. They have literally screwed so many people out of money that’s why I know this wouldn’t just be for me it would be to bring them to the realization of how many people they have hurt. I would let it go and for a moment I did but I heard the supervisor is acting even worse towards the employees now more than ever and she really needs to stop. I don’t desire physical harm but like harm to me, losing their job would be the same. I just can’t stand watching people take advantage of others and continue about as if nothing. Thats where I draw the line between Karma and justice but thank you for the suggestions. I will keep them in mind and I appreciate the response to my long post.


Not a problem. I totally understand where your coming from, having only worked at gas stations and factories. In fact, I quit my last job because I was accused of theft and then cornered (literally in a corner with his arms pinning me in) as he loudly stated in front of customers that I wasnt allowed to quit. Dude was a violent psychopath. People who treat employees like that are horrible and the reason I have panic attacks nearly every time I go in to work. If you do either of my suggested things. Just remember to really hold the image of what you want done in your mind and believe with all your heart that it’ll happen. Good luck.

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Some people are cowards and pick on the most undeserving people but I have alway believed in Karma so if nothing else I hope it keeps a close eye on these types of trashy humans. I will try what you suggested and hopefully have some good news to update!

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Karma is real when you believe it, godspeed.


This is true :smile:

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I think karma is just some negative entities tries to feed you through your energy and desire you exhausted in rituals.

Then through making situations worse, they feed from you more.

Only if you believe it and allow it of course.


Pazuzu is a great demon to bring financial ruin, and one of the fastest demons to get the job done. Might be worth the petition.


I wouldnt concern yourself about karmic impacts. You aren’t going to be punished for cursing people. The left hand path is about realising that morality is subjective, and not handed down to us by some God or universal power which says, “thou shalt not do this or that.” People can say what they want but experiences matter more at the end of the day, and the experience of most who curse on here, including EA himself is that the 3 fold law or whatever else doesn’t actually happen. It’s largely just whimsical RHP fantasies to scare people away from taking matters into their own hands.

If you feel wronged enough by these people, there’s nothing wrong with teaching them a lesson with a curse. So, the first thing I’d do is use an entity like Raum from the goetia to destroy the lives of the people responsible for fucking you over. He has the power to cause great financial and personal loss to people, as well as ruin their relationships with others.

The next thing I’d do is fix your financial situation so this doesn’t happen again. You never want to be in a position where you are breaking your back just to get one measly extra dollar per hour from a stingy employer. You want to be in a position where you have so many extra dollars that you find yourself wanting to give some away. An entity like Belial from the goetia can help you establish your career path with a different company that will value you and pay you well

Now in terms of methods… If you do a search on how to perform sigil Magick, you should be able to find some good methods on here to utilize the sigils of Raum and Belial for your own purposes. I think @Lady_Eva has some links to old articles by EA on how to open and charge a sigil with your intentions. Also, I would highly recommend you purchase a book called Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. The Kindle version is pretty cheap on Amazon, but the book in general is really useful for both pros and beginners alike. It has several really effective methods for using sigils from the goetia…so you could take those two names I dropped and use ritual one from the book. You were asking me a few hours ago about the merit of some of the stories shared in the BALG success stories thread I made…well let me tell you that a good handful of the success stories in that thread were due to ritual one of Gordon Winterfields book, which is why I can recommend it with confidence


King Vine to destroy their towers, and send them crumbling to the ground.

Andras has caused my old company significant troubles, maybe it was the open sigil that I left duct taped underneath one of the desks.

You could always have a more direct impact by utilizing Glasya-labolas to Simply go after your old boss, or even the head of the company.

Just a few thoughts, do as you will.


I just hear too often many people say “karma will do its job” and then it doesn’t and those are the times with certain types of people I say they need a little extra push. I have seen people get their karma but I have also seen much faster results when others finally stand up and say enough is enough.

I have not worked with him but is that the demon from the movie the exorcist? Any tips on working with demons? I have yet to do so and I can admit I have a few reservations but I am open to doing so I just want to do so the correct way. Approach it the best way I can.

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Wow a lot of information here Thank you so much Verdo I couldn’t have asked for a more detailed and precise response. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have come to realize when it comes to karma its an easy way to let go but situations never really get resolved. For me certain people are so bad that there is nbo way one should just let them continue to get away doing what they are doing. In my case they not only hurt me but others and I will take it upon myself to make things right because as someone that believes all magic has purpose there is no reason to sit back and watch some people treat others the way they do knowing we have a way to make things right. I have come to realize many of my jobs have not worked out that well and most start by promising me the world and then they show their true colors. I am going to be very selective of my next employment and protect myself from people that don’t have the right intentions before I get involved working for them. These people just turned out to be more greedy than I had bargained for and it wasn’t only affecting me. I will look into Lady Eva, I have seen here relying to many posts here so I know she has a lot of information also. I am going to do some research on sigils and into the demons you mentioned. I have not worked with demons in the past is there any advice you could offer me on how to a approach things the best way? I want to ensure I do things properly as I want to make sure the spell is not only effective but I contact them the way I should. Again Thank you for your post I am going to take control of my situations, I can’t be a victim all the time and people do need to learn there are consequences to their actions.

I understand your frustrations. It is obvious to me that this company is struggling financially and to get you to join the company they LIED and have no intention of paying you an extra dollar an hour.

My best advice is find another job that will pay you fairly and be more honest about there business practices.

Placing a hex in these scoundrels would be worthless as they will eventually go out of business on there own as they are losing money and not making money hence all the deceptions.

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They ended up being bought by another company but I know the manager and owner are still working there she’s still a manager and he’s a silent partner I believe. I am still friends with people that work there that’s how I know their current affairs but they continue lying to them and haven’t paid them more either, they did however fire me so I tried seeing it in as best a way as I could. I knew I wasn’t going to be there much longer but I was not considering being thrown out the way I was I had no time to plan really.

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My advice is when working with sigils, make sure you have a good amount of emotions built up beforehand so that you can pour it into the ritual later…to exhaust yourself of any further feelings on the matter. Approach them the same way a president would approach his generals. You have authority to command them, but it’s with a level of mutual respect

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Yes he is, but long before that he was considered a God of both destruction and protection to the Babylonians (in fact, most demons seem to be older gods). Here’s some more general information on him.

As far as how he is connected to financial ruin, my best guess is that his association with famines go beyond just the lack of food but resources as well. He is also great at preventing the same from happening to you but I would recommend that being a separate ritual.

As far as contacting him, he does not have an enn like many demons do. An enn is a chant used to get their attention. I just use his name as a chant when I need to get his attention. His sigil is a modern creation from Simon’s Necronomicon, which strangely focuses on Sumerian/Babylonian deities more than anything Lovecraft wrote. I’ll share it here but I have had more success working with his name while glazing at his statue to establish the connection.

Beyond that, treat him like any other God. As much fear as the word demon brings, it is a bastardized version of the Greek word for spirit. The best way to go about working with demons is to understand that they are gods that people has castes into the shadows once a new religion gained power. Show respect, treat them well, and they well return the favor. Be specific on what you want, give an offering, and send him on his way politely. Then forget about the ritual and let him take the reins of the situation from there on.


The sigil

An example of someone doing a curse with Pazuzu’s help. Not how I went with it but you may find something of value out of it.


No it won’t. This isn’t Wicca. Please stop telling people that because there’s no right or wrong in true witchcraft or sorcery.


This is exactly why I’m never rude to other people. You never know who’s woke and who’s not.

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