My first trip on magic mushrooms, subterranean realms, Cthulhu?

Hi, I would not want to bore with details but one fascinating thing, there were strands lots of strands in water, with nice colours at first and then I asked show me something and then suddenly the thought ‘what is the source of life’ just popped in as if someone planted it, then I heard like the strands said ‘just follow us’, I kept following them suddenly there was an intense darkness after that I have seen lots of tentacles all over all in purple.

If anyone is interested I can write few pages of my first ever trip on 6gms (I know stupid move but glad I did) with Golden Teachers.

People who want to do Shadow Work can save a lot of time and get several things in perspective with just one trip.


My first trip on shrooms I just thought I was a red helium balloon floating to the ceiling. :joy: :balloon:

Wait… :thinking: was I in the IT universe :clown_face:

They all float here :joy:


I just wanted to stare at sparkles lol.

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I also was tripping in the bathroom mirror. It felt like being in a funhouse.

Well atleast everything was fun for me :joy:

My friend made brownies and when they were hot fresh out of the oven i thought they had moon craters

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When I was little I used to move the bathroom mirrors in a way so it felt like I was going down the rabbit hole, I spent a long time doing that.

A funhouse sounds fun.

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I have no idea how much I did though. We just went out in a field picked the shrooms and made tea. I know I drank about a coffee cup of it.

Looking at the stars while tripping was cool.

Geez that was a long time ago. I was 18.

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That and marijuana are the only two drugs I’ve ever done.

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You guys have all the fun. I just got giggly and my train of thought constantly derailed the one time I tried shrooms. And I took like 4-5g mostly caps and dust.

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My first time I just stared at a laundry basket for a few hours, it was spinning like a discoball. Also got lost on my way to the bathroom in my own home, my friend had a mohawk and it got bigger and bigger which was hilarious.


You are so “lucky” to have experienced so many effects.
Tried shrooms twice but nothing really came out of it. And I ate those damn thing all night long :joy: Even tried truffle which looks like tiny stones and taste like shit. Supposed to be stronger than shrooms but was kinda the same.
I was just feeling the same as I feel when drunk except being drunk is quicker and way less efforts :joy:
My eyes is on LSD next, If I can find that. Any of you tried ?

And if you wanna watch funny psychedelic stuff while being high, I highly suggest Felix Colgrave on youtube. You won’t be disappointed :laughing:

When i did mushroom. I Saw the chtonic realms too. Ans the celestial realms. I think it’s a metaphoric thing, like hell = the deep of ours mind heaven = the highest place of ours mind

My eyes is on LSD next, If I can find that. Any of you tried ?

LSD is very powerful and should not be treated lightly. Yes I did it once and the spirits are prohibiting me from taking more doses for now. Never tried shrooms but heard its similar to LSD. I dont know why shrooms havent worked on you.

When it comes to LSD I remember almost everything of the trip, i remember I looked at the sun at my balcony, I sat there and looked into the sun with closed eyes, and saw this mosaic of orange and so colours when with closed eyelids, and the presence of the sun energy was so strong, and I immediately linked it with Tiphareth and Gevurah, the God Father, harsh but loving, and I felt like a shaman. There was more but im too lazy now to describe this. I remember I kneeled in the living room and kept speaking to myself, Its so beautiful, but i dont remember what exactly was beautiful (there was no object, just this sensation of beauty)…

But I did it 7 years ago now I have matured a lot. I dont know whether medium dosage would be successful to make me trip. But bear in mind LSD IS powerful.

This trip 's feeling reminds me when I worked with the runes and I was given rune scripts onto my mind. I remember clearly I was given a script Raidho - Sowelo - Teiwaz and I decoded it as “The journey of the sun has a purpose.” and I instantly got the same shamanic feeling, sungazing, etc. I cant really describe it. Cheers

By the way. Bear in mind that psychedelic drugs arent that user-friendly as self-induced mystical experiences done by genuine spiritual practice. Dont overdose, dont get addicted. Use it reasonably. Have a good trip :stuck_out_tongue:


Read 'Doors of Perception ’ by Aldous Huxley. Very relevant to this topic.:grinning:

That is why it is recommended to take a plunge rather than starting with microdose, starting with 5gms to 6gms is a good move, of course it won’t be a good trip as most of us have egos, fears etc.,

What I read from many reports is different from what I experienced, I never expected to see many colours and so many creatures, dragons, Chinese dragons, Voodoo totems lots of them, scary snakes in the water trying to scare me, lots of eyes and teeth like structures trying to bite me, finally tentacles and octopuss like creatures.

After the trip I got giggly a lot and on the way back home I got the realisation that everything is a joke, life itself is joke, there is no need to take anything seriously, how life is precious and everyone is doing their best at all times. Also how I have not been grateful to my friends, the things they did and things I have.

I was told by my friends who did several times that even at high does sometimes it may not just work, I think you need to give some gap between two trips. I plan to do again in few months and see how it will be.

Thank you for sharing your experience :slightly_smiling_face:
And yes you’re right, LSD seems quite powerful and it shoud not be treated lightly as addiction sometimes comes way faster than we think.

What do you mean by take a plunge ? English is not my first language so I’m always eager to learn more expressions :joy:

And yeah what you describe is similar to what some of my friends experienced, especially this feeling that nothing is to be taken seriously.

I think the gap between the times I tried was like 2 months but my friends told me the same as yours, sometimes it doesn’t work and some people aren’t responsive to it.

Shrooms are weird in that if you don’t take enough at first, eating more isn’t gonna re-up you or make your experience any stronger. It’s a waste of shrooms. If you do enough trips in a row, they won’t even have an effect and you’ll remain sober. You have to have absolutely none left in your system for them to work again.

By the way, if you ever do it again you need to make sure you have at least 1/8th oz (3.54 grams) of dried shrooms to yourself. Making it a tea is a lot more pleasant including on the stomach (shits before trips) than eating it.

Never saw the cthonic realms. I did remember it put me in a child’s mind set again. I had the best time watching the original Winnie the Pooh movie and laughing so hard when he fell off the words and said, “I wish this paragraph was just a wee bit longer.”

As for shadow work, it doesn’t really help with that unless you count identifying what your issues are. At least that was my experience when I grew them. I tripped at least 50 times. The first time I heard a voice, a woman said, “Your beliefs are not real,” in regards to my religious beliefs at a time. It shattered them in an instant and I was depressed for months because I yearned for spirituality, but couldn’t pretend those few words weren’t true. Another time, I broke down crying and feeling miserable. Self-hate and loneliness. That same woman’s voice from before came and I felt this overwhelming sense of love emanating even from the earth up to my feet. I have never felt such non-judgmental, genuine love so intensely in my life except during that time. She said I’m not alone because she’s always with me. That separation is an illusion and loneliness is suffering caused by that illusion. That we all came from the same Source and to that we shall return.

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My bad :smile:

I meant it is always good to start with large dose like 5gm to 6gm as research says that is how you will experience intense spiritual things. Some people want to start with very small dose just to see how it works, may be they are scared. Also one’s stomach needs to be clean so that the stomach can digest the mushrooms and the chemicals are released into the bloodstream quickly.

I didn’t eat anything after breakfast and then after 7 hours or so took the mushrooms just by chewing and in less than 25mins I was seeing images. :slight_smile: Even my friends had trips where it started only after an hour, so many factors are at work for mushrooms to show themselves to you I guess. :sunglasses:

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Close to the end of the trip I became very curious like a child trying to touch everything and wonder what it is, at that instance no conception of thing existed in my mind.

50 times, I will make it as a target before I die :joy: