My first time with lucifer

Hello i tried calling lucifer today i felt some small energy for some seconds and look at my candle i offered to him

Can someone tell me if he came to me and he has listened to my wishes

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No, he ignored you and your candle burned all funny because you farted on it or something.

Learn some divination and actually try to figure things out for yourself before asking everyone. Let me give you a hint:

Not trying to be rude or toxic, but there are many resources available that can help you find the answers to your questions on your own.


But did he came to me

There you go then.

Was obviously sarcastic when I said that.


Oh brother dont mock at me am very serious

So was I, if you took the time to read the rest of what I said, you would have done a search to find the resources to teach you how to find the to answer your question, and any other questions you may have.

If we do that we short-change you of the initiation of trusting that you have power, and trusting that the spirit heard you. :+1:

Proceed with confidence.


If you had followed instructions from some authentic source, be confident that he has heard you.

You need -