My First Tarot Cards

These are my very first deck of tarot cards


Nice, I love that deck! :+1:

Got plans to consecrate/bond with them?


Yes but how do you go about that?

This is how E.A. does a deck in a video:


Nice thats the first dock i came across years ago aswell, then i did s bad move and got The witches tarot deck (i love James Bond so sue me(; ).
Hope you will have great deal of fun with it.


Thank you everyone but the fun will have to wait until after I move from California to New York.

You can’t open them until then?

Or are you perchance putting it off? :stuck_out_tongue:

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No I already opened them


I started with Rider-Waite (back in the late 1970s) but the colouring was bad. This put me off and I got the Thoth deck. Since then the colouring of the Rider-Waite deck has been improved. Waite was largely an armchair Magician but his cards are great, just too late for me.

Ps. Get a piece of 100% natural cloth (cotton or silk are favourites). Get a draw-string bag, again of 100% natural material that’s big enough to hold the cards wrapped in their cloth. Throw away the box. When you unwrap the cards always place these on the same side of the cloth. This won’t be hard if they’re wrapped in said cloth.


I started with the Thoth deck in my teens and got frustrated at how blunt it was. In adulthood I appreciate it, it’s a lovely deck.


My first deck was a Rider Waite pack gifted to me on Christmas by my sister. I had some scarves of my moms for some reason, so I would wrap those in one of the silk scarves, tools in another, and candles in another.
Sometimes consecration can be as simple as using them.
My next pack was DuQuettes Ceremonial Magick deck, the last purchased deck was the Wang Golden Dawn tarot deck. I use all three for various or shared exercises.
I to get The Wizard tarot deck, and the nightside tarot deck, as well as a new DuQuette deck and rider Waite deck as the latter two have been heavily used and are a bit stained and tattered.
I started to draw my tarot deck major keys.