My first shift - werecrocodile

Let me begin by saying that I have been writing a grimoire of spirits that identify themselves as “sea demons.” One such spirit is called Karigel, who takes the form of a crocodile.

In one ritual with Karigel, I underwent deliberate possession. As our consciousnesses merged, I felt myself unable to stand. I had to crouch in a position natural to a crocodile. My arms felt clawlike, and stocky. I became aware of a tail extending behind me.

Now, I had a camera on me, so I know i did not physically become a crocodile, but my astral self, my psychology, my physical perception, and my physical movements all shifted to go in line with the spirit that was taking over me.

You had a camera on you? whow, i would like to see the footage. But i guess you like to keep it private.

the video quality sucks and the audio is even worse (normally I don’t sound like an effeminate British chipmonk) but here’s the video. Also, there may be EVPs i don;t have the audio equipment to analyze.

The possession began around seven minutes, and my own reccolection is a little fuzzy.

I got a weird feeling in my head watching that - any chance you could please post about yourself in the Introductions Thread, it is a rule here and I’m really interested to read yours! :slight_smile: