My First Servator and my process of creation

So this is basically for me to keep track of my experiences with the creation of my Servator. Last night i wrote down all the info i could about my Servator feeling this will give it more power i gave it a name, wrote down the magic i need its help in progressing in & what she will specialize in even decided to give it a body and Sigil for channeling.
After writing all this down i meditated in my personal temple creating a new space just for my Servator to live in and have a home in my Temple for it to exist keeping its energy close to me that meditated on the Image of what i want the Servator to look like this is when my experience got interesting.
My Servator Estro Thanked me for giving it life had a clear image of her in my minds eye that was more clearer then it was in the creation process, i told her what her abilities are and what she was created to help me with to help guide her in her existence.
I then decided to meditate on the sigil of Lilith and had Lilith appear to me in my minds eye i asked her if she can take my Servator for a bit and teach it about beauty spells, after some back and fourth i managed to get Liliths permission and she agreed to teach my Servator. I’ve decided as soon as i woke up this morning to talk to my Servator to see if it has learned anything and it told me of this face mask to make with.
Lemon Extract
Pine Tree Oil
Honey & Vinegar
That will soften my skin & make me look more youthful. So had a very interesting outcome already with her.