My first satanic spell

So lately my world started to fall apart because of my traumatic and abusive past. It seems that the universy has rallied against me yet again. I have never worked with satan although i used his name in many baneful rituals i did so far. Im refining my spellcraft now so i decided to do my first satanic spell to remove obstacles from my life and empower me. The spell is below, i am very interested in your opinion about it so please give it. If you think its good or useful use it as you see fit. I translate it and modified from anciet christian paradigm i dunno why.
here it is:
Go at the crossroads and say this while giving your intent to Satan:
"Father Satan, omnipotent, I call you, who have fallen like you, Satan come to me, i suffer severe lacking and entire existance stands against me. Satan fight by my side! Satan come and defeat the world yet again! Satan give/grant me your infernal power and knowledge! Satan enlighten me. Anyone who shall bare arms against me, i command they . will fall worse and lover than anyone has fallen before! Destroy all obsticles on my path. Satan, omnipotent, gather your forces and destroy everything that is atacking me!
Ave Satanas!

please ctitique this and if you want us eit as you see fit.