My first ritual with Lucifer and my experience so far part 1

hello all! I’m gonna share my experience with Lucifer keep in mind I’m going to make updates about it but now let’s begin!

First of all, I told myself that I will do the ritual like in the upcoming days but then I felt like I should do it now so I did my first ever ritual and I started it with Lucifer, while I was meditating and saying the Enn chanting, I felt his appearance though I didn’t see him nor hear him I just felt he was there and listening to me I told him what bothers me and I told him what I want and I made the offering then I thanked him and ended the ritual. At night I went to go to bed I lay down and I was watching a YouTube video and while I was watching I saw something I couldn’t see his face but I saw horns, not longhorns there was no face it was fully covered with darkness, he/she stood there it was there for few seconds then it fades away. So I talked To this entity I said maybe that’s Lucifer in form of Lucifuge Rofocale? I Just talked to it like I’m talking to myself then I slept till the next day, now before I went to bed this time I did a meditation and chanted his name then the moment I felt his appearance I mentioned that I want him to come to me in a dream to give me a sign like direct sign and in that dream I want to be aware like a lucid dream then I slept…

I had this lucid dream, where I was in my ritual room it’s very close to my bedroom, I heard a call Not voice it’s like “ come see your ritual “ like a thought that got my attention like emotionally idk how to explain it made me rushing to my bedroom to answer the call I wasn’t afraid I was just u know how when your parent or friend calling you to see something or wants you to be here and when you come you be like “ hey what’s up? “ it’s like that anyways when I entered my room the door was already open and it was very dark I saw in my mirror sigils of Lucifer and the satanic pentagram symbol on the mirror few candles then I looked at my bed I don’t remember exactly but it was like the ritual is on my bed like red circle then all the sudden I’m out of my dream I am in awake state I felt something inside of me something in my chest and stomach till throat I can’t breathe nor move I said “ in the name of Lucifer “ then I said “ take care of me “ then it went away through my stomach, it was like 15 seconds and I have experienced this before I knew the feeling it was the same thing but at that moment I knew it was Lucifer I trusted him, now I will talk about having this experience feeling before but I will make a post about it later.

anyways, After it went away I layed back I looked at the time and I slept only 1 hour or like 30 mins also a thought that came out of nowhere to me it was the word“ beliefs “ then one of the songs that I rarely listen it pops up in my thoughts it’s called “ Stand by me “ by Jam Tronik it went like “ Stand by me, stand by me” I understood the message of beliefs so basically what I did before when I was religious I was so into the faith my beliefs was very strong so I gotta do the exact same technique with this new path that I have chosen. It’s not like my belief is low or not good it’s just that I gotta increase it in the exact same level when I was religious back then and I know how to increase it very strongly by following the same technique that I used it before and I didn’t realize it till now because I guess I focused on me being new to this like and didn’t give enough believe effort but I gotta see something different like the thought of me having experiences before and by using my past experiences like the Beliefs method making my faith in this path very strongly like full energy not half energy. If that makes any sense? I will share the method in another post for anyone who wants to increase their beliefs in their spiritual path!

And one more thing! So about me saying “ in the name of Lucifer “ I say that in like calling Lucifer to protect me and to take care of me in any difficult situations and sometimes I say it proudly like I’m proud of him! it makes me comfortable okay lol And I say it many times in different situations it doesn’t have to be in tough situations it’s like I’m relying on him and like whatever happens this would be the last word that I will proudly say, the full word it would be “ in the name of Lucifer, the most gracious, the most merciful “ but sometimes I keep it short “ in the name of Lucifer “.

Finally, Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts about this? Have you experienced something similar? Do u think that I was possessed? What does it call being in a dream then all of a sudden you are back in your body right away does it have a name? how’s your beliefs Doing in your spiritual path?

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